RELATECH Studies and Reports

Document Number Contract Type Document Date Sender Object Note
(file - 611.05 kb) Monographic Study 12/10/2021 KT&Partners Relatech S.p.A.
(file - 677.51 kb) Monographic Study 04/10/2021 Intermonte Relatech S.p.A.
(file - 896.1 kb) Monographic Study 22/07/2021 Intermonte Relatech S.p.A.
(file - 541.38 kb) Monographic Study 07/07/2021 KT&Partners Relatech S.p.A.
(file - 630.85 kb) Monographic Study 15/04/2021 KT&Partners Relatech S.p.A.
(file - 1.1 mb) Monographic Study 01/04/2021 Intermonte Relatech S.p.A.
(file - 2.62 mb) Monographic Study 04/02/2021 Intermonte Relatech S.p.A.
(file - 720.36 kb) Monographic Study 18/01/2021 KT&Partners Relatech S.p.A.
(file - 387.45 kb) Monographic Study 29/09/2020 KT&Partners Relatech S.p.A.
(file - 1.5 mb) Monographic Study 24/07/2020 Value Track Relatech S.p.A.
(file - 562.18 kb) Monographic Study 30/06/2020 KT&Partners Relatech S.p.A.
(file - 436.87 kb) Monographic Study 04/05/2020 KT&Partners Relatech S.p.A.
(file - 1.97 mb) Monographic Study 14/04/2020 KT&Partners Relatech S.p.A.
(file - 360.93 kb) Monographic Study 17/10/2019 Value Track Relatech S.p.A.
(file - 3.07 mb) Monographic Study 01/08/2019 Value Track Relatech S.p.A.

RELATECH: All Studies and Reports

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