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STMicroelectronics N.V. is a global leader in the semiconductor market serving customers across the spectrum of sense and power and automotive products and embedded processing solutions. From energy management and savings to trust and data security, from healthcare and wellness to smart consumer devices, in the home, car and office, at work and at play, STMicroelectronics is found everywhere microelectronics make a positive and innovative contribution to people's life. By getting more from technology to get more from life, STMicroelectronics N.V. stands for life augmented.

Source: Cofisem - Last Update: 2023-08-02

Key Executives
Chief Executive Officer Chery Jean Marc
Chief ICT Officer Orio Bellezza
Chief Investor Relations Officer Céline Berthier
Chief Human Resources Officer Rajita D'Souza
Chief Financial Officer Lorenzo Grandi
Chief Communication Officer Claudia Levo
Chief Development Officer Chouaib Rokbi
Director of Information Systems Chouaib Rokbi
General Counsel Steven Rose

Source: Cofisem - Last Update: 2023-04-20

Key Figures
Millenium 2022 2021 2020 2019 2018
Net sales 15,066,183 11,240,728 8,290,717 8,509,099 8,403,641
Income from ordinary activities 15,108,338 11,268,986 8,321,661 8,533,210 8,449,103
Operating income 4,247,347 2,165,313 1,004,072 924,223 1,224,001
Cost of financial indebtedness net 38,408 40,622 98,534 47,327 6,120
Equity-accounted companies contribution to income 1,629 893 6,994
Net profit from discontinued activities
Net income 4,055,307 1,516,249 566,775 346,472 1,130,452
Net income (Group share) 4,049,687 1,510,950 565,147 345,579 1,125,207
Fiscal year end 12.22 12.21 12.2 12.19 12.18
Length of fiscal year (month) 12 12 12 12 12
Currency & Unit EUR - thousands EUR - thousands EUR - thousands EUR - thousands EUR - thousands
Account Standards

Source: Cofisem - Last Update: 2023-08-02

Shareholder information
Free float 71.67 %
ST Holding 27.51 %
Group-owned stock 0.81 %

Source: Cofisem - Last Update: 2023-08-02

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