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Borsa Italiana stock markets allow companies of all sizes to raise significant capital to help them consolidate their competitive position, development and growth. Listing is an opportunity in terms of visibility, increasing market recognition, competitive ambitions, attraction of new talents.

The point of view of some entrepreneurs who have chosen to list their company on Borsa Italiana markets

Consider listing on Borsa Italiana as a choice to support your entrepreneurial ambitions.


The benefits of listing


  • Raise capital for growth: being listed allows to raise capital by diversifying the sources of financing to accelerate development, compete in a global environment, grow organically and through external lines and optimize the capital structure;
  • Increase visibility and credibility: being listed enhances the public profile of companies both nationally and internationally, as voluntary compliance with regulatory and transparency requirements creates recognized added value;
  • Expand the shareholder base: being listed allows companies to expand the shareholder base with global institutional, professional and retail investors;
  • Liquidate the investment: being listed offers existing shareholders the opportunity to liquidate their investment in whole or in part and also facilitates the sensitive process of company transition to the new generation;
  • Talent attraction: being listed gives companies prestige and standing which makes it easier to attract qualified resources, as well as enabling the adoption of incentive remuneration schemes such as stock options.


The advantages of Borsa Italiana


Borsa Italiana is part of Euronext Group. Over the years it has built a Multi Asset infrastructure with a full range of solutions to suit the needs and size of every company; it is a recognized hub for accessing a wide range of domestic and global investors.

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  • Extensive Multi Asset infrastructure: Equity Markets, Debt Markets, Derivatives, developed according to an integrated strategy and in compliance with best international practices;
  • Access to global capital: Over 8,800 funds, headed by 1,900 investment firms from over 51 countries, invest in equity markets;
  • High Turnover Velocity: International and domestic investors, together with Individual Savings Plans (PIR) generate increasing liquidity on the market supporting trading volumes, the valuation of companies and the pipeline of new market transactions;
  • Integrated offer of services: market data, indices, trading supervision, support for listed companies on extraordinary transaction disclosure and post trading information.

Borsa Italiana also offers a wide range of core and specialist services, consistent with its values:

Learn how sustainability is valued at Borsa Italiana

Discover the FTSE indices dedicated to companies listed on Borsa Italiana

Discover Roadshows and Conferences of Borsa Italiana


Borsa Italiana markets

Borsa Italiana stock markets allow companies of all sizes to raise significant financial resources to help them accelerate their development, diversify funding sources and attract domestic and international investors to become part of their shareholder base.

Listing on Borsa Italiana markets enhances the profile and visibility of the company and involve management in company results. Borsa Italiana markets are designed to suit the needs of a wide range of companies with solutions tailored for companies of any size and from any industry:

The regulated market for companies with larger capitalization

The market segment for companies that comply with High Transparency, Governance and Liquidity requirements

Borsa Italiana Growth Market (MTF) for dynamic and competitive SMEs looking for capital to finance their growth

Is your company considering the opportunity of listing?

Pre-Listing Assessment

Borsa Italiana offers companies that are considering to go public the opportunity to take an assessment and further explore the following topics: listing process, most suitable market, equity story, business plan, management control system, corporate governance and others

To find out more, contact Borsa Italiana:



Learn more through a meeting with Borsa Italiana

The Primary Markets team of Borsa Italiana is available to meet with entrepreneurs interested in the listing process and with their advisers in order to explore the company’s growth prospects and assess how Borsa Italiana can support them.

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