The advisers’ role

A successful listing requires a team of professionals who support the company in the pre-listing and post-listing stages.




Main external advisers

Short description

Listing Agent (on Euronext Milan)

It is the financial intermediary who assists the company in the entire process; the Listing Agent assumes responsibility for the quality, accuracy and completeness of the information provided by issuers, and for the orderly and correct conduct of the process.

Euronext Growth Advisor (on Euronext Growth Milan)

It is a bank, a brokerage firm or a corporate finance company belonging to the network of auditors registered in Borsa Italiana registers. The Nomad assesses the company’s eligibility for admission, plans and manages the process, assists the company for the entire period it remains listed on the market.

Global Coordinator

It is the investment bank that coordinates every aspect of the listing process, including placement. For Euronext Milan market the Sponsor can act as Global Coordinator; for Euronext Growth Milan market the Global Coordinator must be registered in the Euronext Growth Advisors' Register.

Legal advisers 

They assist the company, the shareholders and intermediaries for all legal, contractual and regulatory aspects of the listing.

Auditing firm

In addition to the audit activity, it carries out an assessment on the budget data and is among the subjects appointed to carry out checks on the company's management control system.

Financial adviser

Financial advisers assist the company in the listing process, by supporting the entrepreneur in relationship with all the other advisers, and advise the company in structuring the offer to meet its financing needs.

Communication companies

Through media and investor relations services, corporate communication companies manage marketing activities to ensure market visibility for the company being listed in the period preceding the offering of shares to investors.

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Learn more through a meeting with Borsa Italiana

The Primary Markets team of Borsa Italiana is available to meet with entrepreneurs interested in the listing process and with their advisers in order to explore the company’s growth prospects and assess how Borsa Italiana can support them.

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