Borsa Italiana, one of the most important stock exchanges on the international scene, constantly supports companies that need capital to finance their growth.

Listing on Borsa Italiana

Barbara Lunghi, Head of Primary Markets - Italy


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Why consider the stock market?

Considering the stock market means giving form to your ambitions, gaining access to capital to accelerate your growth and to make investments and acquisitions, diversifying sources of funding, and opening up your company to a whole world of new stakeholders who can contribute their ideas and ambitions.

Considering the stock market means seeing growth in your company’s future, based on constant access to capital, but also to management talent, new competencies, and an area that brings with it vision, strategy, planning and an ability to create value for shareholders, employees and customers.


Explore the steps of your company's growth towards listing (IPO), learn about the benefits offered by Borsa Italiana, the milestones of the journey and the role of advisers in supporting the process.


Listing on Borsa Italiana

Borsa Italiana stock markets allow companies of all sizes to raise capital to help them consolidate their competitive position, development and growth.


The listing process

Explore the various steps of the listing process on the MTA and AIM Italia markets.
Start your journey towards excellence: assess the opportunity of listing on Borsa Italiana.

foto advisorThe advisers' role

Advisers play a key role in the listing process. Find out which professionals should be involved in your journey to listing.


IPO Community

The Community created by Borsa Italiana to facilitate meetings between the Companies interested in the listing and the advisors / intermediaries who offer specialist ECM services.

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Learn more

In this section you can find detailed information and how to contact Borsa Italiana.


To find out more, contact Borsa Italiana: borsaitalianaprimarymarkets@borsaitaliana.it


Learn more through a meeting with Borsa Italiana

The Primary Markets team of Borsa Italiana is available to meet with entrepreneurs interested in the listing process and with their advisers in order to explore the company’s growth prospects and assess how Borsa Italiana can support them.

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