The Corporate Governance Committee is made up of the issuers and investors associations (ABI, ANIA, Assonime, Confindustria and Assogestioni), as well as the Italian Stock Exchange (Borsa Italiana S.p.A.). The purpose of the Committee is the promotion of good corporate governance of Italian listed companies, that has to be pursued either by a constant alignment of the Corporate Governance Code for Listed Companies with best practices, and through other initiatives which would enhance the credibility of the Code.

The Committee has adopted its own rules of composition and activity. According to these rules, the Committee is composed of:

- no. 1 top management representative of each association;

- up to no. 3 members of  each association chosen among the top management of listed companies / management companies that are members of each association;

- up to no. 2 top management representatives of Borsa Italiana S.p.A.;

- the Chairman, who coordinates the work and represents the Committee towards third parties, appointed, in agreement with the promoters, from among personalities of high prestige, broad representativeness and recognized competence and independence of judgment, including those external to the Committee. 

Each member holds office for 3 years and may be reappointed. In case of early termination, he/she shall be replaced upon designation by the promoter who had designated him/her.

The Committee also appoints an internal Deputy Chairman; may appoint a Secretary, also outside, in order to assist the Committee and the President in the performance of their activities; for its analysis, appoints a Technical Secretariat (consisting of one representative from each promoter and the Secretary of the Committee) which appoints a coordinator; can avail itself of experts in the field; shall meet at least once a year to examine the activity report, prepared by the President, and to approve the plan of future activities.

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