Organizational Model and Code of Conduct

Borsa Italiana S.p.A., reckoning that a fair and transparent running of the company, consistent with its mission, calls for a suitable process of identification, management and monitoring of the main company risks and the adoption and effective implementation of models capable of preventing commission of the penal offences, approved an Organizational, Management and Control Model, designed to prevent these offences, pursuant to legislative decree of 8 June 2003, which introduced the concept of "administrative responsibility" for companies, resulting from offences committed in the interest or to the advantage of the company itself by individuals in apical position or by employees subject to the direction or supervision of one of the aforesaid persons.

The Model, originally approved by the board of directors of Borsa Italiana with resolution on 14th September 2006, was subsequently integrated and updated over the last few years, with regard both to the extension of offences most recently included and to the changes occurred in the Firm’s corporate organization.

The Model is made up by a General Section – here enclosed – and by a Special Section, consisting of several chapters, each of that refers to single offence. An entire copy of the Model can be asked to the e-mail address:

Breaches of the Model may be notify to the Supervisory Board at the aforesaid e-mail address or sent by post to this address:

Organismo di Vigilanza

Borsa Italiana SpA.

Piazza degli Affari 6,


Borsa Italiana S.p.A. adopted a Code of Conduct, which defines the combination of values that the company  recognizes and pursues, at all levels, in the exercise of its business activities.

The principles and regulations contained in the Code go back to the general obligations with regard to diligence, transparency and loyalty that qualify the execution of professional performance and behaviour in the workplace. They are binding for all directors, employees and all those operating with, or on behalf of, Borsa Italiana, including temporary. 

The Code has been approved by the Board of Directors of Borsa Italiana.  Any modification and/or integration to the same will be promptly communicated to interested parties.

Download the Code of Conduct of Borsa Italiana SpA ( VIEW PDF pdf )


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