Borsa Italiana: About Us

Borsa Italiana is among the leading European stock markets. The main goal of Borsa Italiana is the continuous growth of the market, alongside systematic improvement of transparency, efficiency and adaptability with respect to innovation.

Founded in 1998, Borsa Italiana is a privately held company responsible for managing and overseeing the smooth functioning of the Italian financial market in which, thanks to a completely electronic trading system, financial instruments are traded and negotiated on an daily and real-time basis. Borsa Italiana deals with the admission, eventual suspension and exclusion of these instruments, constantly monitoring the liabilities of operators and issuers.

As of today, Borsa Italiana plays an important role in equity trading and in the exchange of ETFs, Covered Warrants, Certificates and fixed income instruments. It manages various markets, including Equity Markets, Bond and Fixed Income Markets, ETP Market and the Derivatives Market.


Markets regulated by Borsa Italiana

Borsa Italiana manages the following markets:


Equity markets

Characterised by having one of the highest levels of liquidity in Europe, Borsa Italiana's stock markets are capable of attracting capital from all over the world.

EXM - Euronext Milan: it is a regulated market - as such, it meets the highest international benchmarks - where shares, convertible bonds, option rights and warrants are traded. It includes the Euronext STAR Milan segment, dedicated to companies that are committed to excellence in terms of liquidity, transparency of information and corporate governance.

EGM - Euronext Growth Milan: it is the MTF dedicated to small and medium-sized Italian companies willing to invest in their own growth.

MIV - Euronext MIV Milan: it is Borsa Italiana's regulated market created specifically to provide - through a clear strategic vision - capital, liquidity and visibility to investment vehicles.

EuroTLX Equity: segment of the EuroTLX Multilateral Trading System, allows operators and investors to trade in equities and equity-related certificates from the main OECD countries.


Bond and Fixed Income Markets

MOT - Electronic Bond Market: founded in 1994, it is the sole Italian regulated bond market.

ExtraMOT: it is the multilateral trading system (MTF) developed in order to enable operators and investors to expand the range of bond instruments in which to invest.

EuroTLX Bond-X: it is the segment of the EuroTLX Multilateral Trading System dedicated to the trading of bonds and other debt instruments including equity shares, structured bonds, warrant bonds, covered bonds and Government bonds.

ExtraMOT Pro: it is the Professional Segment of the ExtraMOT market, conceived to offer SMEs a quick and easy access to capital markets.

SeDex: it is Borsa Italiana's market launched in 2004 for negotiating Certificates and Covered Warrants, jointly referred to as securitised derivatives.

EuroTLX Cert-X: it is the segment of the EuroTLX Multilateral Trading System dedicated to the trading of covered warrants and certificates.


ETP Market

ETFplus: it is the Italian market dedicated to the listing of ETFs, ETCs, ETNs and open-ended funds and is the leading market in Europe in terms of exchanges and counter value.


Derivatives Markets

IDEM: one of the largest derivatives markets in Europe, with around 150,000 contracts traded daily for a notional value of €3.4 billion.

IDEX: italian energy derivatives market.

AGREX: italian Durum Wheat Derivatives Marketplace.


Borsa Italiana: commitment to art and charity initiatives

Borsa Italiana not only focuses on the stock market, it has long been involved in charity and philanthropic projects.

Thanks to initiatives such as "Rivelazioni - Finance for Fine Arts", active since 2014, Borsa Italiana has contributed to the restoration, and subsequent exhibition in its Gallery, of countless works belonging to Italy's artistic heritage.

BIG - Borsa Italiana Gallery exhibition space hosts temporary exhibitions aiming at enhancing the Italian cultural and artistic heritage and promoting its value to the network of companies and financial investors.

Borsa Italiana also proves its commitment in the field of Charity Initiatives, compatible with its mission, in order to provide a concrete support to unfortunate young people, assist the community, and fight climate change. One such example is the Giving Back Trading Day event, for which all of Borsa Italiana's trading and post-trading commissions are donated to charity projects.


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