17,943.11 +0.40
Date - Time Last Value 10/30/20 - 5:35:59 PM
Real Time

Market Data

Day High 17,969.87
Day Low 17,669.80
Previous closing price 17,872.28
Year High - Date 25,483.05 - 02/19/20
Year Low - Date  - 06/22/20
Previous Year High 24,003.64
Previous Year Low
Closing Previous Year 23,506.37
First Value 17,682.77
1 Month Performance -5.87%
6 Months Performance -0.69%
1 Year Performance -20.89%
2 Years Performance -5.76%
TR Last Close 38,010.10
TR Chng % +0.40
TR Close Date 10/30/20


Exchange Code: FTSEMIB
17:35:59 17,943.11 +0.40%
17:30:00 17,966.5 +0.53%
17:30:00 17,966.83 +0.53%

Index Info

The FTSE MIB is the primary benchmark Index for the Italian equity markets. Capturing approximately 80% of the domestic market capitalization, the Index is comprised of highly liquid, leading companies across ICB sectors in Italy. 

The FTSE MIB Index measures the performance of 40 Italian equities and seeks to replicate the broad sector weights of the Italian stock market. The Index is derived from the universe of stocks trading on the Borsa Italiana (BIt) main equity market. Each stock is analyzed for size and liquidity, and the overall Index has appropriate sector representation. The FTSE MIB Index is market cap-weighted after adjusting constituents for float.

FTSE MIB Dividend

The FTSE MIB Dividend index will comprise of the cumulative value of ordinary gross dividends announced and paid by the individual constituents of the underlying FTSE MIB Index, calculated in terms of index points. 
Following the corporate action, the adjustments on the FTSE MIB dividend index  are the same used for the FTSE MIB index; rebalacing and reshuffle on the FTSE MIB index are replicated in the FTSE MIB dividend, which includes the same constituents in FTSE MIb index.
  • Download the index methodology (pdffile pdf - 12 KB)
  • Go to FTSE Italia website to download index components


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