Optiq Migration

Following the acquisition of Borsa Italiana Group in April 2021, Euronext is planning to migrate Borsa Italiana Cash and Derivatives markets on Euronext’s cutting-edge Optiq® trading technology, subject to regulatory approval and operational readiness.


Why are Borsa Italiana’s markets migrating to Euronext Optiq®?

Borsa Italiana will join Euronext’s federal model, Single Order Book and Europe’s deepest liquidity pool, thereby offering sustainable and superior market quality and value for local and global clients. Business diversification and simplicity of access to European markets will bring significant benefits to Italian issuers, members, investors and the real economy. A rich international investor base and an enhanced range of products and services will be opened to Italian trading members.

Optiq is a proven Euronext technology, providing enhanced performance, a high quality service and maximum flexibility, with best-in-class latency (15µs). Euronext has a strong track record of integrating exchanges, starting with Dublin and Oslo, which showed multiple benefits for clients post-migration and did not adversely impact the local ecosystem during the migration phase.


When will the migration take place?

The current approach that is being investigated and to be approved is a sequencing of the migration of Borsa Italiana’s markets onto Optiq in three (3) phases.

Usually, 2 Dress Rehearsals per migration with clients take place during the week-ends prior to each migration. The Go-Live will take place on a third week-end, before each migration.

The Optiq technology will be hosted in the Aruba data centre, Euronext’s future primary data centre (subject to regulatory approval). The Borsa Italiana DC migration will therefore be part of the Optiq migration. Specifically, clients that are currently using the Borsa Italiana colocation services will be contacted to relocate to Aruba.


What are the next steps?

How can clients already take action?

In order for our clients to experience a smooth migration of Borsa Italiana markets onto Euronext systems according to the anticipated timeline, we kindly encourage them to secure time, resources and budgets in 2022 and 2023. We are conscious of the efforts required from our clients and thank you in advance.


General Documentation

27/07/2022 - Euronext Borsa Migration - Detailed FAQ V3.0

26/05/2022 - Trading Structured Products on Euronext RFE Market Model Q&A

27/07/2022 - Migration Guidelines - Borsa Italiana Optiq Migration V2.0

Optiq Documentation is available on the Connect website

01/08/2022 Euronext Optiq Market Data Gateway MDG Lite Client Specifications - v1.0


Technical & Functional Documentation

12/05/2022 - Guide to Trading System - Borsa Italiana Migration to Optiq - Functional Changes V1.1

29/03/2022 - Guide to Trading System - Borsa Italiana Migration to Optiq - Functional Changes V1.0



29/06/2022 - Impacts for clients on legacy Euronext markets

14/06/2022 - Borsa Italiana Integration - General Guidelines for Migration

09/02/2022 - Borsa Italiana Optiq Migration - Sequencing & Functional Highlights

15/12/2021 - Borsa Italiana Optiq Migration - High Level Timeline & Client Support


Co-Location Documentation & Contracts

Explanatory Note for Colocation documentation

Euronext Order Form - Colocation Services

Euronext Colocation Services - Service and Technical Description

Euronext Colocation Services - Acceptable Usage Policy

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The power of Optiq




Customer support

For any question related to Borsa Italiana Optiq migration please contact our dedicated Support team via:
Tel. +33 1 8514 8585
Tel. +39 02 4541 1399

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