Technical Communications

Borsa Italiana Phase 2 Migration to Optiq - 9 September - Go live Weekend

9:30 CET - Start of Phase 2 Go-Live Weekend and CFTS/EFS Files

10:00 CET - Optiq Cash is now up and running

10:30 CET - Standing Data Broadcast over MDG

11:00 CET - Cash instruments will go to Call phase at 11:00 CEST

11:15 CET - Uncrossing and Continuous phase to start as from 11:30 CEST

14:13 CET - Closing Call Phase Equities and Fixed Income

14:19 CET - Closing Uncrossing se Equities and Fixed Income

14:25 CET - Closing of the trading session Cash markets

14:28 CET - Closing of the trading session Cash markets - Closing Price

14:47 CET - End of Go-Live weekend test

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