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Gambero Rosso S.p.A. is the leading platform for content, training, promotion and consulting in the Italian Wine Travel Food sector. It offers a full range of integrated services for the Italian agriculture, food, restaurant and hotel sectors, which are the most successful for economic growth at the international level. Gambero Rosso S.p.A. has a range of periodicals, books, guides, broadcasting and web OTT thanks to its multimedia and multi-channel operator format unique in the sector. It thus reaches professionals, commercial distribution channels and enthusiasts in Italy and around the world. Gambero Rosso Academy is the largest professional and managerial training platform for the food, restaurant, hotel and tourism supply chain. Gambero Rosso S.p.A. offers the Italian production system an exclusive program of B2B promotional events to foster its national and international development.

Source: Cofisem - Last Update: 2024-02-18

Key Executives
Chief Executive Officer Carlo Spallanzani
Managing director Angelo Sajeva
Managing director Luigi Salerno
Chief Financial Officer Aleksandra Dorota Strach
Chief Investor Relations Officer Aleksandra Dorota Strach

Source: Cofisem - Last Update: 2024-02-18

Key Figures
Millenium 2022 2021 2020 2019 2018
Net sales 17,333 12,770 12,443 15,694 15,610
Income from ordinary activities 17,333 12,770 12,443 15,694 15,610
Operating income 2,649 751 -967 1,706 1,760
Cost of financial indebtedness net 440 432 407 424
Equity-accounted companies contribution to income 0 -4 0 -3
Net profit from discontinued activities -113 -147
Net income 1,599 6 -1,770 580 881
Net income (Group share) 1,597 7 -1,767 586 892
Fiscal year end 2022-12-31 2021-12-31 2020-12-31 2019-12-31 2018-12-31
Length of fiscal year (month) 12 12 12 12 12
Currency & Unit EUR - thousands EUR - thousands EUR - thousands EUR - thousands EUR - thousands
Account Standards

Source: Cofisem - Last Update: 2024-02-18

Shareholder information
Luigi Salerno 1.52 %
Alchimia S.p.A. 20 %
Class Editori S.p.A. 61.17 %
Free float 17.3 %

Source: Cofisem - Last Update: 2024-02-18

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