Underlying Events Event Date
Additional Periodic Financial Information 23/11/08
Analyst Presentation 23/11/08
Half Year Report 23/08/01
Analyst Presentation 23/08/01
Analyst Presentation 23/05/10
Additional Periodic Financial Information 23/05/10
Annual General Meeting 23/04/27
Bod Annual Report 23/03/16
Analyst Presentation 23/03/16
Additional Periodic Financial Information 22/11/10
Analyst Presentation 22/11/10
Half Year Report 22/07/28
Analyst Presentation 22/07/28
Additional Periodic Financial Information 22/05/12
Analyst Presentation 22/05/12
Annual General Meeting 22/04/28
Analyst Presentation 22/03/23
Bod Annual Report 22/03/16
Analyst Presentation 22/03/16
Analyst Presentation 21/11/11

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