Press Releases 2003

December, 30th 2003
Borsa Italiana 2003 Performance - second part

December, 30th 2003
Borsa Italiana 2003 Performance - first part

December, 30th 2003
Statements from Angelo Tantazzi, Chairman of Borsa Italiana and Massimo Capuano, President and CEO of Borsa Italiana

December, 15th 2003
The Meeting of Borsa Italiana Spa Shareholders approves a number of changes to the Market Rules

December, 9th 2003
2004 Trading Calendar

December, 8th 2003
Borsa Italiana: November sees indices reach annual highs. Mib +15.3% compared to end 2002 and +31.4% compared to the annual low recorded in March 2003. Trading in shares and derivatives on the increase. Positive start for the new ETF on the S&P/MIB index.

December, 8th 2003
Monte Titoli launches Express II the new settlement system

November, 20th 2003
EuroMOT: twenty-six new French, German and Spanish Government bonds start trading on November 24

November, 17th 2003
Borsa Italiana Group will observe one minute of silence on November, 18

November, 12nd 2003
October 2003 - Borsa Italiana markets performance

November, 10th 2003
Lyxor AM launches the first ETF on S&P/MIB index on Borsa Italiana

October, 31st 2003Italiana
Massimo Capuano of Borsa Italiana elected new FESE President

October, 8th 2003
Borsa Italiana: September sees new annual highs on share trading indices and significant recovery in trading on all markets

October, 7th 2003
Monte Titoli launches Express II, the new settlement system

October, 1st 2003
ETFs: one year on the Italian market

September, 30th 2003
Statement by Massimo Capuano, President & Ceo of Borsa Italiana, about the incentives agreed by the Council of Ministers

September, 18th 2003
Appointment of Carlo Corradini as a member of the Board

September, 10th 2003
The Borsa Italiana Group will observe one minute's silence tomorrow, September 11th

September, 8th 2003
Borsa Italiana: growth in volumes on the Nuovo Mercato in August and all-time high for ETF trades. MIB +24.6% since March

September, 5th 2003
New Mib30 and Midex indices as of 22 September 2003

August, 8th 2003
In July trading in ETFs records a new historical high and a record number of traders in a single session. The MIB index grows by 6.7% since the end of 2002 and by 21.7% since the annual low. Tender offers achieve the second best ever level in terms of size

July, 8th 2003
Borsa Italiana: June sees growth in trading volumes. Trading in shares at highest level since November 2000. New record for stock futures and ETFs 

June, 9th 2003
May 2003: new historical highs in trading of Eurobonds on the EuroMOT and in the trading of IDEM Stock Futures. Share prices continue to recover

June, 5th 2003
3rd Hedge Fund Conference organised by Borsa Italiana in collaboration with the International Association of Financial Engineers

June, 2th 2003
The S&P/MIB index starts real-time calculation

May, 28th 2003
Abi, Ania, Assogestioni, Assonime, Assoreti, Assosim and Borsa Italiana publish a common position paper on the European draft directive on the prospectus to be published when securities are offered to the public or admitted to trading and amending directive 2001/34/EC

May, 14th 2003
New trading hours starting from 23 June 2003

May, 9th 2003
Borsa Italiana: April saw a significant rise in share prices and a big increase in stock futures trading, reaching a new all-time high. The best performance since February 2000 for the Mib index

April, 29th 2003
The Shareholders' meeting of Borsa Italiana approves the financial statements for 2002. The Board appoints Chairman A. Tantazzi, President and CEO M. Capuano

April, 17th 2003
The Cassa di Compensazione e Garanzia Spa Shareholders approve the financial statement for 2002

April, 16th 2003
The Monte Titoli Shareholders approve the financial statement for year 2002

April, 15th 2003
Abi, Ania, Assogestioni, Assonime, Assoreti, Assosim and Borsa Italiana publish a joint position paper on the proposal for a community directive on investment services

April, 4th 2003
The Borsa Italiana Board of Directors votes to change the trading hours

April, 3rd 2003
Borsa Italiana SpA: financial statement for 2002

April, 3rd 2003
Cassa di Compensazione e Garanzia: on 23 May 2003 CC&G becomes the central counterparty for Borsa Italiana's stock markets 

April, 2th 2003
Record number of trades for Borsa Italiana's derivatives market (IDEM) 1,898,296 contracts traded in March

March, 12th 2003
A new organisation structure for Borsa Italiana/Italian Exchange

March, 7th 2003
Review of the Mib30 and Midex indices

March, 7th 2003
Borsa Italiana Spa: market trends in February

February, 27th 2003
2003 STAR Company Results

February, 18th 2003
Monte Titoli celebrates 25 years

February, 10th 2003
"Listing on the Exchange today: the viewpoint of Italian companies" - An analysis by Borsa Italiana

February, 7th 2003
Borsa Italiana Spa: strong growth in EuroMOT trading in January with new all-time highs

January, 15th 2003
Starting January 20th, two new stock futures will be traded on the Derivatives Market of Borsa Italiana


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