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The purpose of BItNotes series is to diffuse the research realized by Borsa Italiana or presented in internal seminar on issues related to financial markets.  Published articles represent the authors' view and are not expression of any Borsa Italiana orientation.

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BItNotes n°19

"Household portfolio and demand for equity: an international comparison"
Valentina Coraggio, Alessandra Franzosi - Maggio 2008

BItNotes n°18

"International portfolio equity investments: what about Italy?"
Alessandra Franzosi, Manuela Geranio - November 2007

BItNotes n°17

"Evolution of ownership and control in Italian IPO firms"
Silvia Rigamonti - May 2007

BItNotes n°16 "Portfolio & psychology of high frequency online traders. Second report on the Italian market"
B. Alemanni, A. Franzosi - July 2006
BItNotes n°15 "A comparative study of Initial Publing Offerings in Italy and in the United Kingdom"
S. Paleari, E. Pellizzoni, S. Vismara - December 2005
BItNotes n°14 "The evolution of Initial Public Offerings on the Italian Exchange"
F. Dalle Vedove, G. Giudici, P.A. Randone - June 2005
BItNotes n°13 "The effects of listing. Evidence from the Italian mid & small caps"
A. Franzosi, E. Pellizzoni - June 2005
BItNotes n°12 "Retail investors and stock market. Second report on shareholding in Italy"
A. Franzosi, E. Grasso, E. Pellizzoni - November 2004
BItNotes n°11 "Features and behaviour of online traders. First report on the Italian market"
A. Franzosi, E. Pellizzoni - May 2004
BItNotes n°10 "Taxation and development of equity markets for mid small companies"
L. Gandullia - February 2004
BItNotes n°9 "The wood and furniture sector in Italy: evolution and relationship to the equity market"
A. Franzosi, L. Negro, E. Pellizzoni - July 2003
BItNotes n°8 "Are euro area small caps an asset class? Evidence from mean-variance spanning tests"
G. Petrella - May 2003
BItNotes n°7 "The going public decision: Italian firm's behaviour"
A. Franzosi, E. Pellizzoni - February 2003
BItNotes n°6 "The Italian equity market: an estimate of the growth opportunities for the number of listing companies"
E. Pellizzoni - December 2002
BItNotes n°5 "New listings and lock-up agreements"
F. Bertoni, P.A. Randone, G. Giudici, C. Rochira, P. Zanoni - December 2002
BItNotes n°4 "Italian machine tools: structural features and growth opportunities"
A. Franzosi, E. Pellizzoni - October 2002
BItNotes n°3 "Retail investors and the stock market. The results of a survey among Italian households"
L. Filippa, A. Franzosi - November 2001
BItNotes n°2 "Market capitalisation, institutional sectors and household portafoglio. An analysis of the recent trends for the Italian equity market"
L. Filippa, A. Franzosi - November 2001
BItNotes n°1 "Food & beverages companies and the stock market: perspectives and opportunities"
A. Franzosi, E. Pellizzoni - October 2001

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