Notices - 2022

Italian Exchange Notice n. 24992 of 23 June 2022 (*)
"Amendments to the MTFs Market Rules in force on 29 June 2022"
Connection to the Market


Italian Exchange Notice
n. 24573 of 19 July 2021
"Amendments to the MTF's Rules - in force on 3 August 2021"
exclusion of suspended intermediaries

Communication regarding information made availabel to Intermediaries for the compliace of product governance on the EuroTLX Market - BondX Segment
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(*) For market members: pursuant to art. 7.3  of the General Conditions Part I, we inform that the right of withdrawal specified in art. 11.3 can be exercised within  28 June 2022 within 13.00 pm

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EuroTLX Market Rules

Rules of  EuroTLX Market in force from 29 June 2022

Rules of  EuroTLX Market in force from 3 August 2021


Guides to the Parameters for trading

Guide to the Parameters for trading - version 2.9 - In force from 12 April 2021



Technical Communications

Technical Communications on clearing, guarantee and settlement - in force from 15 April 2020

Technical Communications

pursuant to articles 2.6 and 2.7 and Guidance to Rules 6.1 (3) of EuroTLX Market Rules - in force form 12 April 2021


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