Why become a member

As a Borsa Italiana member firm you can trade in a range of financial products directly on our trading platforms, including equity, structured products, bonds and derivatives. Membership provides the lowest latency access to our trading systems.
Our members form a network which covers a diverse range of firms including banks, agency brokers, market makers and proprietary traders.
Financial incentives are available to market makers and specialists.
Membership incentives are also available for new members joining our markets, as follows:

  • BIt annual membership fee waived for the first 12 months;
  • Subscription fee waived for package 2 on Euronext Milan/Euronext Growth Milan/SeDeX/ETFplus/ATFund/MOT markets for the first 12 months (Pricing Package 2);
  • Subscription fee waived for the first 6 months for Intermediary on EuroTLX market;
  • IDEM Equity volume category fee waived for the first 12 months;
  • IDEX volume category fee waived for the first 12 months.

The initiative applies to:

  • New members for the membership fee waiver/discount;
  • New members and existing members extending their subscription to new markets for the subscription/volume category fee waiver.

More details on fees and waivers are available in the Price list for trading services.


How to become a member

Borsa Italiana membership is available to companies only; applications from individuals cannot be accepted

Applicants should be authorised as an investment firm or credit institution. Non-authorised firms may also apply for membership provided they satisfy the requirements set forth in the Rules. All member firms need to understand and comply with Borsa Italiana markets’ rules.


Clearing and Settlement

Members need to have appropriate clearing (for markets where cleared instruments are traded) and settlement arrangements in place for their trading activities. Settlement and clearing systems can be accessed directly or via a third party provider (a general clearing member and/or settlement agent).
Please see Euronext Clearing and Euronext Securities Services Milan websites for the list of approved CGMs and Settlement agents.


Connectivity & Trading Software

We offer a range of solutions to connect to our markets with different levels of management and performance, ranging from dedicated network to Service Provider access.
In addition, you can either certify in-house trading applications to work with our trading system or use any accredited software provider.


Member Portal

The membership on-boarding process is managed through the Member Portal, an online portal which simplifies procedures and makes more direct and efficient the communication flow between Borsa Italiana, Euronext Clearing and their respective members.
It allows members to monitor their participation requirements in order to keep them constantly and easily updated in line with the markets Rules.
Trading Services can be requested and managed through Member Portal.


Get started

Become a member in only three steps:

  1. Apply by submitting your Request for Service with any supporting information through the Member Portal
  2. Prepare your trading connection and post-trade arrangements
  3. Go Live - upon approval of your application, you can arrange a live date with the Membership Team.


For further details about the admission procedure please view the Membership Guide and access the Rules and the Instructions to the Rules.


Contact us

If you have any questions about Membership, please contact us via e-mail:

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