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Stream Prices N Orders Bid Size Bid Price Ask Price Ask Size Orders
15 Minutes Delayed Data  
Reference Close 2.275
Official Close 3.59
Date Ref. and Off. Close 24/02/22
Last Trade Price
Net Chng +0.00
Date - Time Last Trade -
Last Volume
Day High 2.33
Year High
Year High Date
Day Low 2.215
Year Low
Year Low Date
Start Trading Performance +2.25%
1 Day Performance -1.94%
1 Week Performance -7.14%
1 Month Performance -16.51%
6 Months Performance -23.91%
1 Year Performance -3.60%

Market Status Inaccessible
Lot Size 1.00
Number Trades
Number Trades Start Trading 115
Turnover Start Trading 799,250.70
RFE Max RFE Delay 3 seconds
Trading Group MP

All Financial Data concerning the Leverage Certificate SGE TB LG Infrastru 8.483 B 8.483 OP END

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