Borsa Italiana's Markets

Borsa Italiana Primary Markets* allow companies of all sizes to gather important financial resources.

Resources to finance growth,  to diversify funding sources and to involve domestic and international investors in companies shareholder base. IPO increases company visibility and standing and helps to motivate and involve the management team in group results.

The listing of a company on the Italian Primary Market not only certifies its reliability and ambition; it also creates - in an international context - great attractiveness for potential international investors.

Listing on Borsa Italiana Primary Markets represents a prestigious national and international business card.


Borsa Italiana offering is wide, supporting different type of companies and investment vehicles; including:

  • Euronext Growth Milan – MTF, Growth Market is dedicated to dynamic and competitive SMEs with a balanced regulatory approach and offering an IPO process weighted on SMEs structure and needs, focusing on a main advisor – the Euronext Growth Advisor

  • Professional Segment – within Euronext Growth Milan, it is dedicated to SMEs wishing to gradually access the markets, start up and scale up that generate sales from less than 1 year. Professional Segment is focusing on the main figure of the Euronext Growth Advisor

  • Euronext Milan – it is dedicated to large companies. Euronext Milan is the regulated market, aligned with best international practice, meeting global investors standards

  • Euronext STAR Milan Segmento Titoli Alti Requisiti, within Euronext Milan market, is dedicated to mid-size companies that adhere to strict requirements appreciated by global investors in terms of

  • Euronext MIV Milan – it's the Investment Vehicles Markets, reference for funds and vehicles that invest in instruments of real economy. It can host different type of vehicles: either italian or foreign funds, or dedicated to retail and professional investors.


Regulated Market dedicated to Listed Companies

Regulated Market dedicated to the listing of Investment Vehicles


Euronext Milan


Segmento Euronext STAR Milan

Euronext MIV Milan

Euronext Growth Milan


Professional Segment

* Since 25 October 2021, the equity markets of Borsa Italiana have changed their name:

  • Main Market (acronym MTA) has become Euronext Milan (new acronym EXM)
  • STAR Segment (acronym STAR) has become Euronext STAR Milan (new acronym STAR)
  • AIM Italia Market (acronym AIM) has become Euronext Growth Milan (new acronym EGM)
  • MIV Market (acronym MIV) has become Euronext MIV Milan (new acronym MIV)

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