The EuroTLX MTF allows banking entities, or entities subject to prudential supervision, to list their securities intended for retail investors through the Specialists participating in the market, using a simple and efficient approach.


The EuroTLX market is the regulated MTF of Borsa Italiana, part of the Euronext Group, for the listing by a Specialist of debt instruments issued by banking entities or entities subject to prudential surveillance, such as bonds, notes and other debt securities.


To be admitted to listing, the following are required:

  1. the mandatory presence of a Specialist to support liquidity for

    a) securities issued by the Specialist, in its capacity as Issuer
    b) securities issued by bank issuers or entities subject to prudential supervision placed by the Specialist

  2. the availability to the public of a document relating to the issue, listing or offer to the public.

The listing process

The process of admission to trading of financial instruments is as follows:

  • the applicant submits the application complete with the required documentation through the MyEuronext portal
  • Borsa Italiana confirms that the documentation is complete
  • Within 5 open market days from completeness, Borsa Italiana communicates through Notice the start of trading date

The applicant can also request Borsa Italiana to issue a declaration of admissibility in the event that it decides to adopt a programme for the issuance of financial instruments.

Borsa Italiana also allows issuers to request the listing of their instruments through its next-generation platform, MyEuronext

For more details on requirements and the listing process, please refer to the Market Rules 

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