Piano individuale di risparmio a lungo termine (“PIR”)

“Piano Individuale di Risparmio a lungo termine” PIR under the 2017 Italian Budget Law (Law No 232 of 11 December 2016) and the 2020 Italian Budget Law (Law No 157 of 19 December 2019).
Please find here below the list of all "PIR" compliant instruments listed on ETFplus market and ATFund market.


ISIN Denomination Issuer
FR0011758085  Lxr Ftse Itali Pmi PIR 2020 DR UCITS ETF  Lyxor
LU1605710802  Lxr Ftse Ital All Cap PIR 2020 UCITS ETF  Lyxor
IE00BF5LJ058  iShares FTSE Italia Mid-Small Cap UCITS ETF  iShares

Open funds

ISIN Denominazione Emittente
IT0005091233  AcomeA Italia Classe Q2  AcomeA
IT0005252801  AcomeA Patrimonio Esente  AcomeA
LU1602468800  New Millennium PIR Bilanciato Sistema Italia L  New Millennium
LU1148874479  New Millen Augustum Italian Diversifi Bond  L  New Millennium
IT0005279754  Open Capital Professional Italy  Open Capital
LU1391064828  Atomo Made in Italy Fund  Atomo

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