Borsa Italiana rings the bell for solidarity

Apr 15 2021 - 09:09

- Today is Borsa Italiana Group’s Giving Back Trading Day, supporting solidarity and philanthropy activities

- All trading and post-trading fees of Borsa Italiana Group will be donated to projects supporting the community

- Borsa Italiana Group Foundation launches, which will dedicate itself to philanthropic initiatives

Today, Thursday 15 April, is Giving Back Trading Day, when all trading and post-trading fees will be donated to solidarity projects.

To mark the occasion, the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of Borsa Italiana, Andrea Sironi and Raffaele Jerusalmi, and Luisa Pavia, Chief Executive Officer of the CAF association, charity partner of Borsa Italiana Group, will open market trading with the traditional ringing of the bell, dedicated on this special day to Borsa Italiana Group’s solidarity and philanthropy initiatives.

Borsa Italiana Group has always been involved in initiatives favouring the community, especially regarding young people, to foster their integration in the labour market and the development of entrepreneurial activities. In this specific historical period, characterised by the long pandemic, Borsa Italiana has concentrated its efforts particularly on charity initiatives in the health and social spheres. All the companies of Borsa Italiana Group have made donations and raised funds for the hospitals Sacco in Milan, Spallanzani in Rome and Veneziale

in Isernia. Furthermore, in May 2020 Borsa Italiana donated 1 million euros to the Municipality of Milan’s Mutual Aid Fund. Specifically, the funds donated were dedicated to supporting young entrepreneurs and workers in difficulty.

Today’s trading fees will be donated to projects that will be selected over the course of the year by the new Foundation of Borsa Italiana Group, an entity without legal personality, and by a management committee within the Group.

Andrea Sironi, Chairman of Borsa Italiana:

"The Giving Back Trading Day is an important moment to express the continuous commitment of Borsa Italiana Group to the community, which has seen the development of numerous solidarity initiatives, also and above all in a difficult time like the current one. In recent months, Borsa Italiana Group has provided concrete help to the hospitals Sacco in Milan, Spallanzani in Rome and Veneziale in Isernia, and has donated 1 million euros to the Municipality of Milan’s Mutual Aid Fund, focusing on young people in difficulty. Young people who are our present and our future, who represent the potential of our society and who are for us the main recipient of solidarity initiatives. We are convinced that to drive the recovery and growth of our city, our economy and our country, it is fundamental to strongly support the young generations."

Raffaele Jerusalmi, Chief Executive Officer of Borsa Italiana:

"We are proud to donate the trading and post-trading fees of Borsa Italiana Group today to solidarity and charity projects. We have always supported the development of the community through several initiatives, and we are happy today to announce the launch of Borsa Italiana Group Foundation, of which the

aim is to propose, evaluate and select philanthropy projects. The BIG Foundation bases its action on three fundamental pillars: People, which focuses attention on development, growth and support, particularly of children in difficulty; Society, through the support of disadvantaged youth that are helped to enter the professional world; Climate change, with targeted initiatives dedicated to the environment, a theme that is fundamental for us and at the basis of our ESG activity."

Luisa Pavia, Chief Executive Officer, CAF Association, Charity Partner of Borsa Italiana Group:

"The collaboration between Borsa Italiana Group and the CAF Association over the last three years has been characterised not only by an important and valuable economic aid, but also by concrete volunteering initiatives, which have contributed positively to the daily implementation of help offered to minors hosted in the Residential Communities. We thank Borsa Italiana for its commitment and the city of Milan, which is always generous and ready to respond to the needs of the weakest."

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