IDEM extends Future and MiniFuture trading hours

Jul 03 2017 - 12:00

‒      Continuous trading from 09:00 to 20:30

‒      Exemption from trading fees until 31 August

As from today, IDEM, the Borsa Italiana derivatives market, has extended its trading hours. The change affects Futures and MiniFutures on FTSE MIB , the main Borsa Italiana index.

Continuous trading is structured into a daytime session, which will end at 17:50, and an evening session, from 17:50 to 20:30. The evening session follows straight on from the daytime one. Offers made during the daytime session, if not yet executed, or only partly executed, may complete contracts during the evening session.

Contracts stipulated during the whole of the continuous trading session (daytime and evening) will form a single contractual position in terms of their margin lending.
The closure price is calculated on the average, weighted for quantities, of the prices of the last 5% of contracts exchanged before 17:38.

The market model envisages the offsetting of contracts by CC&G on the same trading day aligned with European best practices.

Fees for trading during the continuous trading evening session will be waived until 31 August 2017.

Nicolas Bertrand, Head of Equity and Derivatives Markets at the London Stock Exchange Group, commented:
“With the introduction of the new hours on IDEM, Borsa Italiana has confirmed the attention paid to investors the world over, increasing the possibility of trading on the Italian reference index. The market model, which proposes a single trading phase from 09:00 to 20:30 will be brought into line with that of other European stock exchanges. The extension of hours on the IDEM market is a real turning point for traders wishing to trade highly successful instruments like the FIB and MiniFIB: thanks to client support, in particular that offered by on-line brokers and market makers, this development bears witness to the international importance of the Borsa Italiana markets”.

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