MOT, Borsa Italiana’s bonds market

In November the trading activity reached € 17 billion

Dec 16 2008 - 12:35

In November 2008 the number of trades was 39,4% higher than November 2007 (212,107) while total traded value was up 46,35% (11,78 billion in 2007).The average daily number of trades was 14,034 up 53,37% compared to November 2007 (9,461) while the average daily value traded increased 60,98% to 861,9 million (535.4 in November 2007).

During the period January-November 2008 the total number of trades was 2.786.034 (+8.7% on the same period of 2007) for a total value traded of € 161,4 billion (+14.4%).The average daily number of trades in the same period was 11,906 (+9% on 2007) for a total value traded of € 690 million (+14,7%).

It is demonstrated the positive trend on Italian government bonds of Domestic Mot and on Eurobonds, supranational and foreign government bonds of EuroMot.

Figures underline the so called “flight to quality” process which sees investors moving towards low risk and fixed capital financial instruments and the centrality of the Italian bonds market both for retail and professional investors.

Pietro Poletto, head of MOT, said: “this data demonstrate that, also in the recent phases of markets volatility, investors have trusted Borsa Italiana bonds market. A market that has always assured regularity in trading and continues to offer concrete guarantees and wide liquidity to investors thanks to being regulated and controlled.

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