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Great success of the rollover to the new S&P/MIB derivatives

On its first day as the reference index for the Italian market, over 22,000 lots were traded on the IDEM, combining futures, miniFutures and options


The positions of the S&P/MIB futures were successfully rolled from the September to the December expiry last Friday.

12,330 lots were traded on the December 2004 expiry, a figure in line with the average trading volume of the futures on the MIB30. The fast building up of the positions on the December expiry (13,481 lots as of Friday) was also up to market expectations.

Today was the S&P/MIB derivatives' first day of activity on a stand alone basis. 22,000 lots were traded combining futures, miniFutures and options.

In particular, volumes on the S&P/MIB futures were 10,167 contracts on the December 2004 expiry, 197 contracts on the March 2005 expiry and 1 contract on the June 2005 expiry.

The minifutures traded 4,308 contracts on the December 2004 expiry and 1 on the March 2005 expiry.

The S&P/MIB options traded 7,603 contracts (2,876 calls and 4,727 puts).

The 14,674 contracts concluded today on the S&P/MIB futures and minifutures are close to 20 times the volume traded on the Dow Jones Italy Titans futures listed on Eurex (750 lots). Considering the smaller size (multiplier x index value) of each Eurex contract, this ratio increases to 75 to 1 in favour of the IDEM in term of notional turnover.


Milan, September, 20th 2004

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