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On Monday 22nd April OM Click, a new trading platform, became operational on IDEM, the Italian Derivatives Market segment of Borsa Italiana.


Click has been developed by the Swedish group OM and installed in Milan in cooperation with SIA and BIt Systems, the IT subsidiary of Borsa Italiana.

In addition to creating easier access to the market the main features of the new trading platform include high-speed-lines connection, a six times more powerful capacity in terms of managing orders and quotations during the trading session and new functionalities (such as stop orders and mass quotations) to improve market efficiency.

Borsa Italiana has recently introduced two different types of Market Maker on IDEM: the Primary Market Maker, which quotes options on a wide range of contracts on a continuous basis, and the Market Maker, which answers investor requests for quotes.

Borsa Italiana also intends to introduce stock futures soon and increase the number of listed stock options.

The range of products listed and actively traded on the IDEM, which now has 100 members, currently includes two index futures - the FIB and the MiniFIB - as well as options on the MIB30 index and stock options on 32 underlying shares.

IDEM has reported a significant increase in turnover reaching 17.1 million contracts in 2001 (+28% on 2000) with a daily average rising from over 52,000 contracts to more than 67,000.


Milan, April 24th 2002

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