How frequently are the statistics files updated?

Each file is updated monthly and is usually published during the second week of the month


Where can I find the number of companies listed?

The number of companies listed can be found in the Main Indicators section by viewing the Monthly Key Figures


Do you publish data on PE Ratios?

We do not publish PE ratio data. This information is usually supplied by data vendors such as Bloomberg or Reuters


Where can I find the daily average value of shares?

The daily average value of shares traded can be found in the Monthly Key Figures


Do you publish delistings information

You can find the list of companies that have delisted each month in the Press Room – Historical Data section


Can you provide share prices for individual stocks?

Share prices can be found by searching for the stock in the Stocks section. Historical prices can be seen by analysing the stock's Share Price Perfomance chart


Can you provide the historic market capitalization for individual companies?

The market cap for each company is captured at the end of each month in the Analysis and Statistics - Historical Statistics section in the List of Companies files.


Are the market cap statistics given for each company on your monthly files an average of that month or the figures at the last day of that month?

They are the figures as of the last day of the month

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