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Trading Hours

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Trading Calendars

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Year 2024

For the year 2024, Borsa Italiana proposes the following closing days for its markets:

• every Saturday; 
• every Sunday;
• Monday 1st January;
• Friday 29th (Good Friday) and Monday 1st of April (Easter Monday);
• Wednesday 1st of May (Labor Day);
• Thursday 15th August (Feast of the Assumption of Mary);
• Tuesday 24th (Christmas Eve), Wednesday 25th (Christmas) and Thursday 26th of December (Saint Stephen’s Day); 
• Tuesday 31st of December (New Year's Eve);

as well as, limited to the multilateral trading system called Trading After Hours, for the following sessions:

• January: Tuesday 2nd, Wednesday 3rd, Thursday 4th and Friday 5th; 
• March: 28th Thursday;
• April: 25th Thursday and 26th Friday;
• August: 1st Thursday, 2nd Friday, 5th Monday, 6th Tuesday, 7th Wednesday, 8th Thursday, 9th Friday, 12th Monday, 13rd Tuesday, 14th Wednesday, 16th Friday, 19th Monday, 20th Tuesday, 21st Wednesday, 22nd Thursday, 23rd Friday , 26th Monday, 27th Tuesday, 28th Wednesday, 29th  Thursday and 30th Friday;
• November: Wednesday 1st;
• December: 23rd Monday, 27th Friday, 30th Monday. 

For more information about the trading calendar, see this page.

Year 2023 

Closing days of the markets organised and managed by Borsa Italiana SpA:

  • all Saturdays;
  • all Sundays;
  • Friday, April 7 (Good Friday) and Monday, April 10 (Easter Monday);
  • Monday, May 1 (Worker's Day)
  • Tuesday, August 15 (Assumption of Mary);
  • Monday, December 25 (Christmas) and Tuesday, December 26 (St. Stephen's Day)

and limited to the multilateral trading system Borsa Equity MTF, After Hours Segment in the following sessions:

  • Monday, January 2; Tuesday, January 3; Wednesday, January 4; Thursday, January 5 and Friday, January 6;
  • Thursday, April 6; Monday, 24 April and Tuesday, 25 April;
  • Fryday, June 2 ;
  • Tuesday, August 1; Wednesday, August 2; Thursday, August 3; Friday, August 4; Monday, 7 August; Tuesday, 8 August; Wednesday, 9 August; Thursday, 10 August; Friday, 11 August; Monday, 14 August, Wednesday, 16 August; Thursday, 17 August; Friday, 18 August; Monday, 21 August; Tuesday, 22 August; Wednesday, 23 August; Thursday, 24 August; Friday, 25 August; Monday, 28 August; Tuesday, 29 August and Wednesday, 30 August; Thursday, 31 August;
  • Fryday, September 1;
  • Wednesday, 1 November;
  • Thursday, 7 December; Friday, 8 December; Wednesday, 27 December; Thursday, 28 December; Friday, 29 December.


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