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Name Isp Green Bond 0.75% 16mz28
ISIN code XS2317069685
Prices updated on Nov 27 2021 04:14 Am
Last trade price
Last contract quantity
Date and time
Var %
Settlement date 11/30/2021
Method of execution ORDER BOOK
Close price 99.74
Date last close 11/26/2021
Static reference price 99.74
Dynamic reference price 99.74
Daily quantity
Daily turnover
Minimum 100.58
Maximum 101.10
Market phase Close
Suspended NO
Lot size 100,000
Maximum order quantity 15,007,203
Maximum amount allowed 15,000,000
Limit 1 (%) 3
Limit 2 (%) 1.5
Limit 3 (%) 15
Liquidity provider with market making strategy Banca Akros S.P.A., MPS Capital Services Banca per le Imprese S.P.A.
Liquidity provider with only buy duty Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A.
Liquidity provider with only sell duty
Liquidity provider maximum duty spread 5
Liquidity provider minimum duty quantity 100,000
Trading hours 9:00 17:30
Issuer Intesa Sanpaolo
Maturity 03/16/2028
Time to maturity 2,299
Trading currency EUR
Current coupon rate 0.75
Coupon frequency 12 Months

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