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The contents of this form regulate the current relationship between the User and Borsa Italiana S.p.A. ("Borsa Italiana").
In order to make use of the free services on (respectively: the "Services" and the "Site"), the User must accept the present General Conditions and the relevant clauses requiring double acceptance.
The registration allows the User to enter the Services.



The present General Conditions go into effect at the time the password is activated by Borsa Italiana and the activation, by the User, of the "unlock code", previously provided by Borsa Italiana via e-mail.
Borsa Italiana may, in its unquestionable judgement, suspend or interrupt the supply of the Services at any time, or invalidate the User's username and password.
For his / her own part, the User may renounce the requested Services at any time through the function "Delete your profile": he / she will then receive via e-mail, at the address specified in the targeting form, the confirmation of said cancellation.
The Services are offered to Users by Borsa Italiana free of charge.



The User is obliged:

a) To provide truthful and accurate information when filling in the targeting form and to be of legal age;
b) To provide, on his / her own and at his / her own expense, for configuring the computer and installing the necessary software for connecting to the Internet; it is also, obviously, understood that the telephone charges relative to the Internet connection remain the User's exclusive responsibility.
c) The user is expressly obliged not to give his / her access identification (username and password) to third parties, even temporarily;
d) In the case that the User has lost or forgotten his / her username or password, he / she may use the "Have you forgotten your password?" function; he / she will then receive via e-mail, at the address specified in the targeting form, the username and password selected when filling in the registration form;
e) To respect and fulfil the instructions given by Borsa Italiana, as well as any other applicable rule of law or regulation;
f) To take full responsibility for every act, deed, omission or affirmation that can be placed in relation to the use of his / her identification password and username;
g) To use the data provided by Borsa Italiana only for personal needs (such as research, study, consultation or calculations) and in no case for commercial purposes;
h) Not to modify, publish, retransmit, sell, copy, create extracts, distribute or show any part of the data provided except for his / her exclusive personal use;
i) Not to use automatic or semi-automatic software programmes to download any part of the contents of the Site;
l) Select while filling-in the registration form, the matters - to be freely chosen - regarding which Borsa Italiana will periodically send e-mails and or information, also product and service promotions, studies and market researches and statistics, as well as publications, also for marketing purposes;
m) Select, at least one of the newsletters, at the discretion of the User, which Borsa Italiana will periodically send to the User.

Borsa Italiana has the right to modify, at any time and at its sole discretion, the contents and functional and operational methods of the current site and the Services offered on the Site, for updating purposes.
Should the User wish to place on his own home page a link to the present site, he / she will have to ask for an authorisation to Borsa Italiana at the following e-mail address: Borsa Italiana will not authorise any link through the so-called "framing" method.



Borsa Italiana can be held responsible for damages based on contract and torts only when they are an immediate and direct consequence of fraud and/or wilful misconduct and such liability shall be limited to damages foreseeable at the date of execution of the this agreement. The User shall inform Borsa Italiana, as a condition precedent not to lose the relevant right, every claim not later than 5 business days from the day when the User found out or should have found out, applying the standard diligence, that the damage took place, by giving simultaneously a detailed description of the circumstances of the event causing the damages and of the damages. The relevant documents shall be provided to Borsa Italiana not later than 10 business days from the day when the User found out, or should have found out by using the standard diligence, that the damages took place.
Despite all its efforts to deliver its Services at best, Borsa Italiana does not grant that the information accessible through the Services is accurate, complete or current.
The User takes note that the delivery of the Services can be interrupted, even temporarily, delayed or subject to anomalies; in this case Borsa Italiana will perform the necessary activities to eliminate such disadvantages.
Borsa Italiana does not grant the accuracy, up-to-datedness and completeness of information and data which are not of its exclusive property and can not be held responsible for interrupted, inaccurate, incomplete or delayed information and data which are not of its exclusive property, due to causes related to the entities that provide Borsa Italiana with said information and data.
The User takes note that the Services are not in any way intended to solicit public savings.
In accordance with the U.S. Regulation (Regulation S of U.S. Securities Act of 1933) the access to data provided through the Services is not allowed to those who qualify themselves as "U.S. Persons".



The User takes note that:

a) Borsa Italiana is the exclusive owner of all information and data provided through the Services or has tile to avail itself of the same; said information and data are protected under the laws concerning copyright and industrial property;
b) All content of this site, including all the data, information, communications, editorial content, software, photos, videos, graphics, music, images, audio clips and any other material and services, if not indicated otherwise, is the exclusive property of Borsa Italiana and is protected under the laws concerning copyright and industrial property;
c) The trademarks and service marks used on the Site (collectively, the "Marks") are trademarks (whether registered or unregistered) and/or service marks owned by Borsa Italiana or its group undertakings or its third party licensors. Nothing contained on this Site should be construed as granting any licence or right to use any of the Marks for any purpose whatsoever without the written permission or applicable licence terms of the lawful owner. Unauthorised use of the Marks or any information is strictly prohibited and may violate trademark, copyright or other applicable laws.



This contract is governed by Italian Law and any dispute will be under the jurisdiction of the Milan Courts.

The Exchange accepts no responsability for the content of the website you are now accessing or for any reliance placed by you or any person on the information contained on it.

By allowing this link the Exchange does not intend in any country, directly or indirectly, to solicit business or offer any securities to any person.

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