Welcome to the Italian Equity Week 2020

04 Set 2020 - 15:01

Welcome to the Italian Equity Week, the traditional conference organised by Borsa Italiana at the beginning of September in order to support the dialogue among our largest listed companies and investors. This year, the Italian Equity Week will be developed in a virtual format enabling companies and investor to discuss 1st half results and future perspectives.

As a global financial market infrastructure business, Borsa Italiana plays a crucial role in developing a financial ecosystem able to support economic growth and enable informed investment decisions. We provide our issuers with market structures that suit their sizes, growth objectives and funding needs, best in class market standards and access to global financial community, a renovated market for closed-end Alternative Investment Funds investing in the Real Economy and an efficient and completely automated primary market platform to contribute to distribute financial instruments.

The Italian Equity Week is dedicated to the leading sectors of the Italian economy: Consumer Goods & Services, Infrastructure, Energy, Industrial, Healthcare and Finance. As of the end of July 2020, 115 listed companies operate in the Consumer industry and represent the 16% of the Italian equity market; the Infrastructure and Energy industries gather 58 companies identifying 37% of the total market capitalization; 123 listed companies belong to the Industrial and Healthcare industries and cover the 19% of the Italian equity market; listed companies operating in the Financial industry are 73 and represent the 28% of the total market capitalization.

The event has grown over the years, gathering the participation of new companies and investors year-by-year. This unprecedent times we are living ask for more engagement between issuers and investors on long term strategies. From 7th September to 18th September,  75 Italian companies of which 72 listed companies representing the 65% of the market capitalization and 3 private companies will engage in almost 1,800 virtual meetings with 330 domestic and international investors that operate worldwide in Europe, Canada, the US, South America, Middle East, Asia and Australia. In addition, over 150 meetings will involve sellside analysts and sales.

Furthermore, relevant equity analysts and investment bankers will share with us their views on the possible future developments for the most represented industries in our equity markets.

The event is organized by Borsa Italiana in partnership with BofA Securities, Citi, Intermonte SIM, Intesa Sanpaolo – IMI Corporate & Investment Banking and Kepler Cheuvreux – UniCredit.

The Italian Equity Week is part of our broader effort to support our listed companies with their  continue dialogue and engagement with market participants. The Italian Equity Roadshow Calendar, The Italian Sustainability Week, The STAR Conferences, The AIM Italia Conferences and and educational seminars for our market participants represent just an example.

Borsa Italiana efforts focus also on steering the dialogue towards current topics of global relevance, such as the achievement of a sustainable economic growth. Indeed, enabling ESG awareness among our Issuers is important, in order to facilitate a proactive response to macroeconomic trends and to attract and retain long-term investors.

Aware of our central role in the financial ecosystem, we’ll continue to nurture the community in which we operate, continuing to foster the dialogue among market participants.

Thank you for your participation and enjoy the conference.

Raffaele Jerusalmi
CEO di Borsa Italiana S.p.A.

Italian Equity Week

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