Legenda - Bonds

Last Price : Price of last contract concluded.

Last Volume : quantity traded in last contract concluded.

Chng% : Percentage change calculated as the difference between the Last Price and the previous day's Reference Price.

Time : Time when last contract was concluded.

Auction - Open : Security's opening-auction Price.

Official Price :
this is the Opening Price. If the theoretical opening Price cannot be determined or validated, the Official Price is calculated as the average Price of the contracts concluded during the trading session, weighted to account for the relative quantities.

Day Low/High : minimum and maximum Price recorded by the security during the trading day. On Book and Off Book trades included.

Low/High : minimum and maximum Price recorded by the security since the first trading day of the year. On Book and Off Book trades included.

Nominal Accumulated Volume : cumulative nominal value of trades carried out during the bond exchange session.

Turnover : cumulative turnover (Price times quantity) of trades carried out during the stock exchange session.

No. of Trades : number of contracts concluded during the stock exchange day in Continuous Trading Market Status.

Coupon : slip attached to a bond certificate which, on predetermined dates (normally on a quarterly, six-monthly or yearly basis), allows the holder to collect the interest accrued

Next Coupon : the interest rate calculated on a period basis.

Market Status : the market phase including the security during the course of the day.

Trend indicator :
indicator that records the trend between the last and last-but-one Price of the day (rising, falling and static).

Data update

Last and Chng%: data in real time.

Intraday, Book and Total quantity: 15 minutes delayed data.

Trade Type

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