Welcome to the 2020 Italian Sustainability Week of Borsa Italiana

Jun 29 2020 - 15:10

As a global financial market infrastructure business, Borsa Italiana understands the crucial role we play in supporting and enabling a financial ecosystem that fosters long-term sustainable economic growth, for the benefit of all our market participants, from issuers to investors, to intermediaries.

We are committed to supporting global financial stability and sustainable economic growth by enabling businesses and economies to fund a long-term sustainable growth, empowering informed investment decisions and operating efficient financial markets.

We provide our issuers with market structures that suit their sizes, growth objectives and funding needs, from equity to debt financing:

  • Growth markets for SMEs with AIM Italia and Extramot PRO
  • A dedicated effort to Mid Caps with STAR
  • Best in class market standards and access to global financial community for the largest issuers with MTA and MOT
  • A cross-section segment dedicated to Green, Social and Sustainable Bonds issued by corporates, banks, governments and supranational bodies
  • A renovated MIV market for Alternative Investment Funds investing in the Real Economy
  • An efficient and completely automated primary market platform to distribute fixed income instruments

Enabling ESG awareness among our Issuers is of pivotal importance for us, as well. The largest investors worldwide are allocating capital to companies that are well equipped to benefit from the transition to a sustainable economy and are willing to protect their portfolios against downside environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and to benefit from new investment opportunities raised by the transition to a more sustainable growth.

Issuers that are proactively responding to long-term and macroeconomic trends and publishing high quality ESG information are more likely to attract and retain long-term investors, reducing the cost of capital and increasing their ability to raise new capital to finance sustainable projects.

The Italian Sustainability Week, starting today, is the natural evolution of the Italian Sustainability Day, whose first edition took place in 2017, born to effectively respond to issuers and investors’ need of educational moments, public debate’s occasions and direct dialogue between corporates and investors.

The event has grown over the years, gathering the participation of new companies and investors year-by-year. This unprecedent times we are living ask for more engagement between issuer and investors on long term strategies. We answered to market needs by rethinking and innovating the event’s structure.

For the first time, the 2020 edition will be held during an entire week and completely online, giving us the opportunity to reach more stakeholders than ever.

From 29 June to 3 July, 47 Italian listed companies - equal to approximately 55% of the market capitalization - will engage in more than 600 virtual meetings with 180 domestic and international investors to discuss their sustainable strategies.

Furthermore, relevant opinion leaders and participants will share with us their strategic vision through video interviews, giving witness of concrete plans in terms of sustainable growth, financing instruments and sustainable investment strategies.

The Italian Sustainability Week is part of our broader effort to support our stakeholders thanks to a continue dialogue and engagement with all market participants, in order to understand needs and identify possible supporting initiatives.

Let me please recall two news initiatives we are launching on occasion of this week:

  • A new “Sustainable Finance” section of www.borsaitaliana.it website with videos, insights, and market data about ESG and sustainability.
  • The launch of the Capital Markets Sustainable Finance Partnership. The mission of this Partnership is to create an integrated ecosystem to foster the development of Sustainable Corporate Finance Solutions for the Italian Market. Together with a selected group of Partners, Borsa Italiana will promote the development of an innovative culture of sustainable corporate finance.

Aware of our central role in the financial ecosystem, we’ll continue to nurture the community in which we operate, contributing to the development of an even stronger sustainable culture across all our market participants.

Wishing to all of you a successful Sustainability Week.

Best Regards

Raffaele Jerusalmi
CEO, Borsa Italiana

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