Who we are

V-FINANCE, “Sustainable Finance Partner of Borsa Italiana”, is the company of the IR Top Consulting Group specializing in sustainable finance and ESG Advisory. Established in 2011, V-Finance quickly established itself as a point of reference for the green economy thanks to the in-depth financial analysis of listed “cleantech” companies (“Green Economy on Capital Markets” report). In 2013 it was Investor and promoter of GreenItaly1, the first thematic SPAC dedicated to investing in green companies. In 2019 it obtained the qualification of Listing Sponsor for Euronext Paris and received the award for green finance from the UK Consulate in Italy. 4 active practices; NFS and Sustainability Report, ESG IR Strategy, Benefit and B-Corp Consulting, Green Finance (IPOs and bonds).


What we do

V-FINANCE provides advisory for the implementation of ESG principles and sustainability strategies. It supports companies on green and innovative finance projects, proposing itself as a reference point between companies and Capital Markets on sustainability issues.


Brochure and Materials



Track Record of Main Transactions on Sustainability

Company Type Other info Date
GreenItaly1 (SPAC) sponsor/promoter of the SPAC   2013-2015
Prima Vera - Zephyro Business combination with GreenItaly1   2015
Zephyro Acquisition by the Edison Group   2017
Energica Motor Company Advisor "Sustainability Report 2019"   2020
Coswell Advisor "Annual Report 2019" chapter "Sustainability "   2020
Reti Sustainability report   2020
Salcef Sustainability report and NFS   2020-2021
Comer Industries Sustainability report and NFS   2020-2021
Digital Magics Sustainability report   2020-2021
Industrie Chimiche Forestali Sustainability Strategies on Capital Markets   2021
Doxee Sustainability report   2020-2021
Antares Vision Sustainability Strategies on Capital Markets   2021
Alfio Bardolla Training Group Sustainability report   2021
Caleffi Sustainability report   2021
Iniziative Bresciane Sustainability report   2021
Jonix Sustainability report   2021



It is the sole responsibility of the Sustainable Finance Partner to check the truthfulness, accuracy and completeness of the data and information entered on this web page, when within its competence and provided by the Partner. Borsa Italiana S.p.A. is not responsible for the contents developed by third parties and in particular by the Sustainable Finance Partners contained in this web page.



Capital Markets
ESG reporting principles
Structured finance
Corporate finance
Equity Research  


ESG strategies on capital markets in line with international best practices
Reporting & Accountability for the preparation of Non-Financial Declaration (NFS), Sustainability Report, Integrated Report
Strategy and sustainability for the integration of SDGs into the Business Plan,  Shared Value model projects and Stakeholder engagement projects
Green Finance tools alongside the Companies for the issuance of Green & Social Bonds and "sustainable IPOs"


Via Bigli, 19
20121 Milan
Ph. +39 02 45473883/4
E. info@v-finance.it

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