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Who we are

Sircle S.r.l. Società Benefit was formed the 14th December 2021 and is owned 50% by Consult Italia S.r.l. and 50 % by  Rödl & Partner and integrates in the collaboration project between these two entities, which started in 2019, and goes under the name Progetto Sircle. The objective of the company is to promote and diffuse the EASI® Model which allows the integration of Sustainability and ESG principles within the company's Business Strategy. A Governance tool allowing to evolve the business in a sustainable way.


What we do

In order to achieve the objective and in doing so contributing to a positive social evolution towards sustainable development, Sircle works with different partners, entities and institutions in a synergistic way and aims to expand the scope of such collaborations, from the academic world to the institutional one.


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Operations, Projects, Actions, Signatory

Sircle s.r.l Società Benefit is the distributive vehicle of the  EASI® model. This is an innovative path that incorporates the international standards and the fundamental principles that regulate the evolutionary phases of sustainable development - Environmental, Social, Economic - to integrate them into the strategies and all business processes. The EASI® Model is the first scheme for the integration of sustainability in the company's governance, recognised by Accreddia as valid for the purposes of third party certification. The main advantage of the EASI® Model "Integrated Sustainable Business Ecosystem®" consists in orienting the company strategy, the objectives and the processes of the organization, in order to satisfy the expectations of the stakeholders in view of sustainable development.



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Sustainable Development; Human rights and working conditions; Health and safety in the workplace; Environmental impact; Sustainable supply chain; Economy and sustainability; Cyber-security and Data Protection; Stakeholder Engagement; Community involvement and development; Fair management practices.


AFFILIATION - Affiliation of Consulting Companies in order to convey the EASI® Model throughout  the National territory
TRAINING - Training of Consulting Companied and Certification Bodies on the EASI® Model and Professional qualification courses on sustainability
COMUNICATION - Promote and spread the EASI®  Model for the integration of Sustainability and ESG principles within the company's Business Strategy.


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