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In 2020 Morningstar and Sustainalytics have become one company, but for over 30 years the common goal of putting investor interests to work has been at the fore.
Morningstar is a leader in independent investment research in America, Europe, Australia and Asia, for valuable information through its rigorous research processes that result in meaningful and engaging content to attract all types of financially successful investors to long term.
Sustainalytics is a leading research, rating and ESG data firm that supports investors around the world in developing and implementing responsible investment strategies.
Today, Morningstar - Sustainalytics works with hundreds of the world's largest asset managers and pension funds who incorporate ESG and corporate governance information and assessments into their investment processes; as well as with with hundreds of companies and their financial intermediaries to help them consider sustainability in their practices. The group can rely on the extensive multidisciplinary experience of 400 ESG analysts.


What we do

The company offers a wide range of ESG products and services to help consultants, bankers and investors in ESG integration and screening, portfolio analysis, engagement and proxy-voting and index creation. The company’s flagship offerings are the sustainability ratings: the Sustainability Rating (the famous "globes") for the funds and the ESG Risk Rating for the companies (the assessment of financially significant ESG risks). The latest addition is the Morningstar ESG Commitment Level, which expresses analysts' assessments on the commitment of managers and individual strategies to incorporate ESG factors into their investment structure and processes.
Morningstar-Sustainalytics also provides a series of Carbon Risk, Country Risk Ratings, Impact Solutions, Active Ownership Solutions and solutions to meet the new regulatory obligations imposed by the EU Action Plan (SFDR and EU Taxonomy).

Morningstar leads the industry with the most current and complete fund holdings database in the world for over 150,000 open-end, closed-end, and ETF as well as separately managed accounts. These capabilities are combined with 12,500 company ESG ratings and controversy assessments for 14,000 companies from Sustainalytics to produce a suite of Sustainability metrics for 50,000 funds globally.


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Operations, Projects, Actions, Signatory

Both Morningstar and Sustainalytics are widely recognized brands known for independence, integrity and experience advocating for investor interests and are proud of being recognized with the following awards:

ESG Investing named Sustainalytics Best ESG Ratings Provider (2021)
In Thomson Reuters’ Extel Survey, Sustainalytics was named as the best ESG research house and for having the best client services team for three consecutive years (2020). 
Environmental Finance named Sustainalytics the best ESG Research Provider (2019).

In 2020, Investment Week named:
Sustainalytics as Best Sustainable & ESG Research and Ratings Provider 
Morningstar as Best Sustainable & ESG Index or Service Provider
Morningstar as Best Newcomer: Morningstar MPS – ESG Range

Morningstar-Sustainalytics is member of the Forum per la Finanza Sostenibile.  



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900 clients use Morningstar - Sustainalytics data in their sustainable investment selection processes, both from an institutional point of view and to support retail investors.The major asset managers convey their products through our "globes", most fund selectors and asset managers use Morningstar Direct for ESG portfolio analysis.


ESG Data;
Proxy Data; 
ESG research; 
ESG Indexes; 
Impact Solutions;
Active Ownership Solutions; 
Solutions to meet the new regulatory obligations imposed by the EU Action Plan (SFDR and EU Taxonomy);
Morningstar Sustainability Ratings: Morningstar Sustainability Rating (globes), Carbon Risk, Country Risk Ratings and ESG Commitment Level;
ESG Analysis with Morningstar Direct;
Morningstar Sustainable Attributes.    


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