SG Issuer - new listing

Starting from 31/05/2017, 9 new ETCs issued by SG Issuer will be listed on the ETFplus market

May 30 2017 - 16:09

Borsa Italiana is pleasured to welcome on ETFplus market 9 new ETCs issued by SG ISSUER:

  • SG ETC Silver Collateralized          XS1526242711
  • SG ETC Silver +2x Daily Leverag Collat      XS1526242802
  • SG ETC Natural Gas Collateralized             XS1526242984
  • SG ETC Natural Gas +2x Daily Lev Collat  XS1526243016
  • SG ETC Gold +2x Daily Leveraged Collat  XS1526243107
  • SG ETC WTI +2x Daily Leveraged Collat   XS1526243289
  • SG ETC Silver Daily Euro Hedged Collat    XS1526243362
  • SG ETC Natural Gas Daily Eur Hdg Collat  XS1526243446
  • SG ETC WTI Daily Euro Hedged Collat       XS1526243529

Download the Notices: VISUALIZZA PDF pdf   VISUALIZZA PDF pdf

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