Stock futures




Shares traded on the Borsa Italiana’s equity markets

Trading hours

- Opening Auction: 7.30 - 9.01 (9.01.00 - 9.01.30)
- Continuous Trading: 9.01 - 17.30
- Large-in-Scale Trade Facility (LiS): 7.30 - 18.30


Physically and/or cash settled, depending on the underlying



Tick size (in €)

- On-book trading: 0.0001
- Orders to execute Negotiated Transactions: 0.0001


Depending on the underlying (Minimum lots table)

Contract size

Future price x Multiplier

Contract months

i) the 2 nearest monthly expiries and the 4 nearest quarterly expiries of the Mar/Jun/Sep/Dec cycle, if the underlying consists of shares included in the FTSE MIB index or equivalent leading indices; ii) the 2 nearest monthly expiries and the nearest quarterly expiry, if the underlying consists of Italian shares other than those included in the FTSE MIB index

Moreover, for some underlyings defined by Borsa Italiana’s Market Notice, the 2 nearest successive annual contracts month’s expiry of the December cycle are also available

Expiry day

The third Friday of the expiry month at 9.05. If the Exchange is closed that day, the contract expires on the first trading day preceding that day

Last trading day

Expiry day

Daily settlement price

Computed according to Euronext Derivatives Trading Procedures paragraph 2.2 and 2.3

Settlement day

- Cash settled: the first open Euronext Clearing calendar day following the expiry day
- Physically settled: the second open TARGET calendar day following the expiry day

Final settlement price

The opening auction price of underlying share on the expiry day


Preconfigured strategies

Unusual Contract Size

Where contracts have been affected by recent corporate actions resulting in currently tradable contracts being of a non-standard contract size, this information can be found in the document on this page.

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