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Legenda - Derivatives

Last price: price of last contract concluded.

Volume last trade: number of contracts traded in the last transaction.

Chng%: percentage change calculated as the difference between the Last Price and the previous day's Settlement Price.

Time: time of the last transaction.

Opening Price: first trading Price.

Settlement Price: equal to the daily closing price computed according to Euronext Derivatives Trading Procedures paragraph 2.2 and 2.3, used to calculate the percentage change.

Day Low/High: minimum and maximum Price recorded by the security during the trading day.

Contract Low/High: minimum and maximum Price recorded by the security since the first trading day of the year.

Total volume of contracts:
total number of contracts traded during the day.

Number of Trades:
number of transactions during the stock exchange day (one transaction may cover more than one derivatives contract).

Previous Open Interest:
number of contracts outstanding at the end of the previous day.

Day Open Interest:
the number of contracts outstanding at the end of the current day.

Multiplier/ Lot Size:
for index products the multiplier is the value in euros of each index point. For futures and options on single shares the minimum lot refers to the number of shares covered by the contract.

For the lot size of derivatives contracts object of adjustment, please refer to the following links:

Market Status: the market phase of the security during the trading day.

Implied Volatility: the implied volatility of an option is that value of volatility, which was replaced in the pricing formula of Black & Scholes, yields the market price of the option. The data on this site refers to the closing price of each option and it is updated daily. 
In case of values equal or above 100, the value 99.9% is disseminated. In this scenario, please refer to Euronext Clearing services to obtain the actual value of this statistic.

Data update

Last and Chng%: data in real time.

Intraday and Book: 15 minutes delayed data.

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