Corporate Actions

Due to corporate actions which may involve the detachment of rights, stock splitting or grouping, distribution of extraordinary dividends, share prices can fluctuate so much that they are no longer comparable. In order to restore the continuity of historical price series, it is necessary to carry out appropriate adjustments through the use of the adjustment factor.

These corporate actions have also an impact on the relative derivatives contracts since affecting the underlying shares (for example, strike price and/or number of shares). Adjustment interventions on derivatives contracts aim at guaranteeing their financial equivalence in case of corporate events, keeping their financial value unaltered (for more details, please refer to the corporate action policy).

The adjustment details of options or futures contracts are published by means of Borsa Italiana Announcements and available at the following link:

Idem notices 2023 - Borsa Italiana


For information regarding the adjustment of options and futures contracts and for the Borsa Italiana Announcements regarding the IDEM market and a weekly e-mail to receive by freely subscribing the mailing list service, please subscribe to the service.


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