How to become members of AGREX segment

There are various ways to trade on AGREX: either directly or through a financial intermediary.

Companies or physical persons that want to trade occasionally can do so through a financial intermediary. In such case there is no obligation towards Borsa Italiana: the party has a contractual relationship with the chosen intermediary, which sets the fees for the service. To find out which intermediaries offer access on IDEX you can view the members list or you can write to AGREX.

Direct membership is preferable for those companies who expect to trade on a regular basis: this will allow the operator to benefit from Borsa Italiana’s direct fees. Financial Operators and Companies that wish to trade directly must fulfill the requirements indicated in the Instructions accompanying the Rules of the Markets organised and managed by Borsa Italiana.

For information on membership fees please refer to the Price List on the Contracts section, while for incentives for new members joining the market please view the Membership section. Costs for technological infrastructure are also available in the price list: connection to the market is available with a wide range of solutions, starting from VPN connection to 40Mb resilient lines. Trading on AGREX is available on SOLA platform. For any further technical question please contact the Clients Services team.

In order to be admitted to these segments, it is necessary to join the clearing and guarantee system of Euronext Clearing.

More information on the direct membership, on minimum requirements and on technical aspects are available on the “Guide to Membership” available in the Membership section.


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