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The Saras Group founded by Angelo Moratti in 1962 is one of the leading independent players in the European energy and refining industry. Through the parent Compay Saras SpA, and its subsidiaries, Saras Trading SA, based in Geneva, and Saras Energia SAU, based in Madrid, the Group sells and distributes oil products in the domestic and international markets. The Group also operates in the production and sale of electricity, through its subsidiaries Sarlux Srl (IGCC plant) and Sardeolica Srl (Wind plant). Moreover, the Group provides industrial engineering and research services to the oil, energy and environment sectors through its subsidiary Sartec Srl. The Group has about 1,690 employees and total revenues of about 5.3 billion Euros as of 31st December 2020 (about 9.5 billion Euros as of 31st December 2019).

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