Executive Non executive Independent C.R.C.(1) C.R.(2) C.N.(3)
Massimo Moratti Chairman
Angelo Moratti Director
Angelomario Moratti Director
Gabriele Moratti Director
Giovanni Moratti Director
Dario Scaffardi CEO and General Manager
Adriana Cerretelli Director
Laura Fidanza Director
Isabelle Harvie-Watt Director
Francesca Luchi Director
Giovanni Detto Gianfilippo Mancini Director
Patrizia Radice Director


Dario Scaffardi Chief Executive Officer & General Manager
Franco Balsamo Chief Financial Officer
Simona Berri General Counsel & Corporate Affairs
Giuseppe Citterio Chief Energy & Sustainability Officer
Vincenzo Greco Chief Security ICT & Procurement Officer
Carlo Guarrata Chief Industrial Officer
Patrizia Radice Chief Human Resources Officer
Marco Schiavetti Chief Commercial Officer

(1): Control and Risk Committee (2): Compensation Committee (3): Nomination Committee

Other information relating governance

Compensation Stock Mbo Incentivo
List based voting system (BoD / MB)
Record Date


grafico azionisti
  • Urion Holdings (Malta) Limited3.01%
  • Platinum Investment Management Ltd4.98%
  • Stella Holding S.p.A.10.01%
  • Angel Capital Management S.p.A.10.01%
  • Massimo Moratti SapA di Massimo Moratti20.01%
  • Altri 51.99%
Source: SocietĂ  Update: 8/1/22