Main Results

The commitments undertaken through the 2018-2021 Business Plan are aimed at a solid and sustainable creation and distribution of value. These are the main results achieved in 2018: Shareholders - Dividends for €3.4 billion. Customers - New loans for the development of the real economy for €60 billion; Loans with high social impact for €4.5 billion (7.4% of total new loans in 2018); The development of an integrated multi-channel platform (about 8.3 million multi-channel); First Group in Italy in the management of ethical funds and ESG: market share of ~31% (December 2018). Employees - 9.1 million hours of training; Introducing the Diversity & Inclusion objective into the assessment system of roughly 900 managers, constituting 10% of the overall assessment; 220 employees participating in the first two edition of the International Talent Program; 989 reassigned employees working on new priority activities; Approximately €145 million of intermediate healthcare services net of excesses disbursed by the Health Fund (more than 200,000 people assisted), more than 11,500 colleagues in smart working. Suppliers - Procurement and investments amounting to €2.8 billion. Community - approximately €250 million granted to support social enterprises and the third sector; Contributions to the community for €67 million; The “Cibo e Riparo per i bisognosi” (Food and Shelter for the Needy) Project was launched, which allowed 3.3 million meals, about 95,000 beds, 48,000 medicines and 36,000 clothing items to be distributed; Progetto Cultura: 500,000 visitors to the Gallerie d’Italia, 14 exhibitions organized. Environment - Renewable electricity consumption vs total: 80.5%; In June 2017 issued a €500 million Green Bond linked to environmental sustainability projects; Environmental loans of some €1.9 billion (3.2% of new loans); Circular economy: creation of a plafond of up to €5 billion. For further details, see the Consolidated Non-financial Statement 2018


2021 objectives (2018-2021 Business Plan): Shareholders - Cash dividends with a payout ratio of 85% for 2018, 80% for 2019, 75% for 2020 and 70% for 2021. Customers - New MLT loans to households and businesses: about 250 billion euro (cumulative value 2018-2021); Enhancing the quality of service levels ; 70% of activities digitized; Fund for impact: creation of a fund of some 250 million to disburse loans of around 1.2 billion to sections of society that find it difficult to access credit ; Consolidation of its leading role in sustainable investments. Employees - 46 million training hours (cumulative value 2018-2021); Career advancement paths for employees destined for managerial roles, promote diversity and inclusion, long-term incentive programmes linked to the Business Plan objectives; Hiring of at least 1,650 people to support the growth of the core business and facilitate generational change and redeployment of excess capacity (~5,000 people) into new high added value initiatives; Programs to support the well-being and enhancement of people (24,000 employees in smart working to 2021). Suppliers - Procurement and investments amounting to approx. 11 billion euro. Community - Medium/long-term new lending to support social ventures, totalling approximately 0.7 billion euro (the largest Third sector lender in Italy); Scale-up the “Cibo e Riparo per i bisognosi” (Food and Shelter for people in need) initiative by allocating funds for 10,000 meals a day, 6,000 dormitory beds a month and 3,000 medicines and clothes a month; Promotion of the Group’s artistic and cultural heritage. Environment - Increased use of renewable energy sources, from 76% at the end of 2012 to 81% at the end of 2022; 5 billion euros of credits for companies adopting the circular model in innovative ways ; Launch of an investment fund dedicated to the Circular Economy. For further details, see the Consolidated Non-financial Statement 2018


A leading banking group like Intesa Sanpaolo can have a significant impact on the society and environment in which it operates. It is its responsibility to create long term value for the Bank and its people, its shareholders and customers, the community and the environment. For Intesa Sanpaolo sustainability is an attitude that qualifies all company activities, from customer relationship to products development, from employees enhancement to environmental resources protection.

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