Main Results

During 2021, Tiscali continued to promote and support activities in the direction of increasing the environmental sustainability of its premises. These include: application of the EU Taxonomy for the identification of sustainable economic activities, renewal of ISO 14001 certification (December 2021), preparation of a Phonometric Report about noise immissions resulting from corporate activities, commissioning of the photovoltaic system at the Sa Illetta site (February 2021) in exclusive self-consumption only on the Data Centre, consolidation of waste containment policies through the abolition of plastic recourse to VDI with respect to local PCs by reducing the electrical equipment to be disposed of, improvement of the conditions of the waste storage area, raising awareness among Business customers about the use and end of life of products by preparing a "WEEE Disposal Communication", inclusion in the list of the 100 most climate-conscious companies, placing 30th for the reduction of CO2 emissions (scope 1 and scope 2) in relation to turnover for the years 2018-2020, adhesion to "The Greenest" project, promoted by SIDI, with a batch of 25,000 trees planted in Madagascar. Thanks to the energy efficiency initiatives implemented and taking into account the self-produced energy with the photovoltaic system, the reduction of purchased electricity for the year 2021 was 10.9% compared to 2020. Further objectives: increasing FTTH coverage in zones C and D (extended digital divide) through Open Fiber in 1600 municipalities, signing of a multi-year agreement between Tiscali and ReeVo for the provision of cloud services, hybrid cloud and cybersecurity, and with ALI and Leganet to promote digital transition in Italian municipalities, recognition as Italy's fastest fixed network operator in 2021 by Ookla, a world leader in mobile and broadband network intelligence.


The company has targeted for 2022 the consolidation of the results obtained so far, constantly verifying compliance with the procedures aimed at limiting the environmental impact of its business activities, in order to enable the realisation of the five cornerstones of its sustainability strategy: management of environmental impacts, technological innovation, excellence in the management of its customers, valorisation and protection of its People and ethical and effective management of Governance. The approval of the merger project between the Tiscali Group and the retail branch of the Linkem Group, will allow Tiscali to be the fifth operator in the fixed market and the first in the segment of ultrabroadband access in FWA+FTTH technologies. The continuation of the network modernisation and development process, in collaboration with TIM, will result in fewer operating centres and new equipment with significantly higher energy efficiency characteristics compared to the obsolete equipment being replaced, thus indirectly contributing to reducing the environmental impact of its production facilities. Targeted analysis will continue for the process of replacing lamps in the headquarters, which would further reduce energy consumption. In order to contain the spillage of pollutants on the tanks serving the gensets, the canopies covering the tanks will be restored, thus preventing rainwater from falling into the containment tanks. Thanks to the agreement with ALI and Leganet, Tiscali will be increasingly at the side of the PA to promote the digital transition in Italian municipalities, providing services capable of fostering social and economic development, reducing the unemployment rate, contributing to the spread of digital skills among citizens and stimulating the local economy.


The 5 key points of Sustainability strategy in 2021 are: 1) Environmental impact management (energy efficiency improvement), 2) Technological innovation (in line with the mission of offering to everyone equal and free access to digital life) , 3) Customers (freedom / transparency of offers), 4) People (smartworking, parenting support, voluntary incentives to leave, training) and 5) Governance (ethics, integrity, economic sustainability,diversity policies).