Executive Non executive Independent C.R.C.(1) C.R.(2) C.N.(3)
Maurizio Tamagnini Chairman
Nicolas Dufourcq Vice-Chairman
Janet G. Davidson Member
Heleen Kersten Member
Yann Delabrière Member
Donatella Sciuto Member
Alessandro Rivera Member
Frédéric Sanchez Member
Ana De Pro Gonzalo Member


Jean-Marc Chery President and CEO
Marco Cassis President, Analog, MEMS and Sensors Group Head of STMicroelectronics’ Strategy, System Research and Applications, Innovation Office
Lorenzo Grandi President, Finance, Purchasing, ERM & Resilience Chief Financial Officer
Remi El-Ouazzane President, Microcontrollers and Digital ICs Group
Marco Maria Monti President, Automotive and Discrete Group
Jerome Roux President, Sales & Marketing
Orio Bellezza President, Technology, Manufacturing, Quality and Supply Chain
Steven Rose Presidente Legal Counsel
Rajita D'Souza President, Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility

(1): Control and Risk Committee (2): Compensation Committee (3): Nomination Committee

Presence of a Strategic Committee Presence of a Sustainability Committee

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List based voting system (BoD / MB)
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  • Treasury shares0.5%
  • STMicroelectronics Holding NV27.5%
  • Public72%
Source: Company Update: 12/31/21