Main Results

We have been monitoring our environmental and social footprint ever since 2010, striving constantly for gradual improvement. In 2019, all of our production - books and magazines - used certified paper coming from responsibly-managed forests and supply chains. Thanks to these efforts and our continued focus on optimizing energy consumption at our locations, we succeeded in reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 23% over the three-year period 2017-19. We support the local areas and communities through dedicated projects: in 2019, we launched Insieme per l’istruzione, conceived by our publishing houses with the aim of promoting in Italy and worldwide quality education accessible to everyone, in accordance with the United Nations’ SDG 4. Its first edition, in association with Action Aid, has as its objective the construction in Ethiopia of 2 school complexes with 4 classrooms each, as well as libraries, sanitary facilities and the provision of school supplies and furniture. The project also aims to create a safe environment, improve the quality of education and the level of community awareness of the importance of school learning, for girls in particular.


Our actions and decisions are geared towards the creation of long-term value. We pursue this goal by operating in accordance with the following principles set out in the field of economic, social and environmental sustainability: - to guarantee our clients the opportunity of benefiting from innovative and high value products; - to actively foster a culture that is accessible to everyone, aware that the right to quality education and information is a fundamental element in the development and growth of a country; - to give voice to different points of view, rewarding originality and plurality of thought and ensuring respect for freedom of expression in the development process of publishing products; - to invest in the professional development of our people, enhancing their talent and encouraging them to be creative and enterprising; - to create a safe workplace for our employees and associates, offering equal opportunities for fulfillment and expression, both personal and professional; - to respect and protect the surrounding environment through the responsible use of natural resources and the main energy carriers, the reduction of polluting and climate-altering emissions, careful waste management and the awareness raising of clients and suppliers on environmental sustainability issues. We are committed to pursuing these goals, providing the necessary resources and promoting consistent company-wide behaviour.


Sustainability for the Mondadori Group means investing in order to contribute to steady economic and social development over time, mindful also of the social and environmental footprint of its activities. The strong bond with all the stakeholders - authors, readers, employees, associates, shareholders, suppliers and civil society - steers the company's progress and evolution.