Professional Bonds - Quotes

Isin Description Last Coupon Expiry Bid Ask  
IT0005442444 Kripton Eur3m+2 Mz36 Abs Sts Amort Call 2.00 2036/03/27
IT0005442451 Kripton Tf 6% Mz36 Abs Sts Amort Call 6.00 2036/03/27
IT0005443475 Rocky 2021-1 Tf 0,5% Ap41 Abs Amort Call 0.50 2041/04/28
IT0005443566 Galadriel Tv Gn31 Abs Sts A1 Amort Call 0.14003 2031/06/25
IT0005443574 Galadriel Tv Gn31 Abs Sts A2 Amort Call 0.14389 2031/06/25
IT0005443582 Galadriel 7% Gn31 Abs Sts B1 Amort Call 7.00 2031/06/25
IT0005443590 Galadriel 7% Gn31 Abs Sts B2 Amort Call 7.00 2031/06/25
IT0005443608 Galadriel 10% Gn31 Abs Sts J1 Amort Call 10.00 2031/06/25
IT0005443616 Galadriel 10% Gn31 Abs Sts J2 Amort Call 10.00 2031/06/25
IT0005446528 Palatino Tv Eur6m+2,5 Dc45 Abs Call 2.50 2045/12/01
IT0005450710 Lanterna 0,4%Ap50 Abs Sts Social Amc Eur 0.40 2050/04/28
IT0005451197 Cdp Social Bond Tf 0,75% Gn29 Eur 0.75 2029/06/30
IT0005451254 Aporti Eur6m+2,8 Ge43 Abs Npl Amort Call 2.80 2043/01/31
IT0005453797 Valsabbina3 Tv Lg60 Abs Sts Am Call Eur 2060/07/28
IT0005454464 Multi Lease Tv Eur1m+0,75 Fb47 Abs Call 0.193 2047/02/26
IT0005455651 Genfinance Zc Nv21 Eur 2021/11/08
IT0005461428 Genfinance Zc Ge22 Eur 2022/01/17
US134429BH18 Campbell S Tf 4,8% Mz48 Call Usd 4.80 2048/03/15
US53944YAF07 Lloyds Group Tf 4,45% Mg25 Usd 4.45 2025/05/08
US801060AC87 Sanofi Tf 3,375% Gn23 Call Usd 3.375 2023/06/19

Professional Bonds Quotes

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