Professional Bonds - Quotes

Isin Description Last Coupon Expiry Bid Ask  
IT0005412256 Intsanpaolo Tv Eur3m+4,05 Gn27 Sub Tier2 110.59 0.87675 2027/06/29
IT0005412264 Intsanpaolo Tf 3,75% Gn27 Sub Tier2 Eur 3.75 2027/06/29
IT0005412363 Fanes Tv Gn60 Abs Amort Call Eur 0.06496 2060/06/27
IT0005413049 Clara Sec Tv Ot44 Abs Sts Amort Call Eur 0.452 2044/10/15
IT0005415218 Lanterna Tv Ge60 Abs Sts Amort Eur 0.456 2060/01/28
IT0005415226 Lanterna Tv Eur3m+2,5 Ge60 Abs Sts Call 1.956 2060/01/28
IT0005417990 Lanterna M Tv Ge65 Abs Amort Call Eur 0.256 2065/01/28
IT0005418006 Lanterna M Tv Eur3m+1,5 Ge65 Abs Call 0.956 2065/01/28
IT0005421000 Auxilio Spv Tv St35 Abs Amort Call Eur 0.75833 2035/09/27
IT0005422032 Cdp Social Bond Tf 1% St28 Eur 1.00 2028/09/21
IT0005424723 Florence Spv Tf 0,3% Ot42 Abs Amort Call 0.30 2042/10/23
IT0005427825 Vsabbinasmep Tv E3m+1,6 Gn60 Abssts Call 0.607 2060/06/27
IT0005427833 Vsabbinasmep Tf 3,85% Gn60 Abs Sts Call 3.85 2060/06/27
IT0005429235 Giada Sec Tv Dc52 Abs Amort Call Eur 0.1135 2052/12/04
IT0005434979 Profamily Tf 1% Dc40 Abs Sts Amort Eur 1.00 2040/12/20
IT0005436172 Borgosesia Tf 5,5% Mz26 Call Eur 101.50 2.75 2026/03/09
IT0005439150 Ifis Npl 21 Tv Eur6m+2,15 Ge51 Abs Call 1.626 2051/01/31
IT0005439176 Ifis Npl 21 Tv Eur6m+2,15 Lg51 Abs Call 1.626 2051/07/31
IT0005440174 Civibank Zc Ap22 Eur 2022/04/06
IT0005442006 Prog Quinto Eur1m+0,6 Ot36 Abs Sts Call 0.00358 2036/10/27

Professional Bonds Quotes

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