Professional Bonds - Quotes

Isin Description Last Coupon Expiry Bid Ask  
IT0005366460 Cdp Social Bond Tf 2,125% Mz26 Eur 2.125 2026/03/21
IT0005368003 Fucino Rmbs Tv Eur3m+0,3 Dc60 Abs Call 2060/12/31
IT0005380115 Valsabbina Eur3m+0,5 Lg60 Abs Sts Call 2060/07/27
IT0005380974 Magnolia Btv Tv Eur3m+0,5 Lg45 Abs Call 2045/07/28
IT0005381121 2019 Bpb Sme Tv Eur3m+0,4 Mg59 Abs Call 2059/05/31
IT0005381139 2019 Bpb Sme Tv Eur3m+0,7 Mg59 Abs Call 0.03792 2059/05/31
IT0005386682 2019 Pb Rmbs Tv Eur3m+0,4 Mg69 Abs Call 2069/05/31
IT0005386716 2019 Pb Rmbs Tv Eur3m+0,7 Mg69 Abs Call 0.03792 2069/05/31
IT0005386724 2019 Pb Rmbs Tv Eur3m+1 Mg69 Abs Call 0.11375 2069/05/31
IT0005388316 Civitas Tv Eur3m+0,5 Ot55 Abs Sts Amort 2055/10/25
IT0005388324 Civitas Tv Eur3m+1,5 Ot55 Abs Sts Amort 0.24039 2055/10/25
IT0005390825 Intsanpaolo Tv Eur3m+2,06 Dc26 Tier2 Eur 0.37925 2026/12/11
IT0005390833 Intsanpaolo Tf 1,98% Dc26 Tier2 Eur 100.75 1.98 2026/12/11
IT0005390841 Brera Tv Dc72 Abs Sts Amort Eur 0.07735 2072/12/15
IT0005394371 Gpi Tf 3,5% Dc25 Amort Call Eur 1.75 2025/12/20
IT0005395402 Futura Tv Eur6m+3 Lg44 Abs Npl Amort Eur 1.27239 2044/07/31
IT0005399586 Cdp Social Bond Tf 1% Fb30 Eur 1.00 2030/02/11
IT0005402943 Mercedes Fsi Tv Eur3m+0,6 Fb22 Call Eur 0.052 2022/02/24
IT0005408080 Cdp Social Bond Tf 1,5% Ap23 Eur 1.50 2023/04/20
IT0005408098 Cdp Social Bond Tf 2% Ap27 Eur 2.00 2027/04/20

Professional Bonds Quotes

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